It was a first for the President of the United States, who delivered a speech before the two chambers of the Congress meeting in the joint session, Tuesday, February 28. Trump has got his first opportunity to defend his policy of "America first", before the deputies, senators, ministers and some judges of the Supreme Court.

Trump condemns racist attacks

In the opening words of his speech, Donald Trump paid tribute to the Black History Month celebrations and solemnly condemned "the latest threats to the centers of the Jewish community and vandalism against Jewish cemeteries" as well as the racist attack on two Indian nationals last week in Kansas.

Donald Trump praised the "renewal of the American spirit" and a "new national pride," promising to keep his promises to the people. He called the elected Democrats and Republicans to unite for the good of the American people. "A new chapter of American greatness begins," he said.

Here are the main points

  • Economy

The U.S president recalled the investment announcements of several carmakers, leading to the creation of many jobs. He also welcomed the resumption of work on the Keystone XL. Calling for an effort of national reconstruction, he set out two principles: "buy American, engage American".

  • Immigration

"I think that a real positive immigration reform is possible, as long as we focus on the following objectives: to improve the employment and salaries of the Americans, to strengthen the security of our country and to restore respect for our laws," said the Republican president.

Donald Trump also confirmed his intention to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

A few hours before the speech, during a meeting with television journalists at the White House, he surprised by mentioning the possibility of a regulation law for undocumented migrants who had not committed an offense.

  • Taxation

The head of state promised a historic tax reform. "Our economic team is in the process of preparing a historic tax reform that will reduce the tax burden of our companies so that they can compete with anyone and prosper anywhere and with anyone. Will massively reduce taxes for the middle class."