Amos Yee, a controversial Singaporean teen blogger, has been granted asylum within the United States. On social media, both critics and supporters of Yee appeared to be happy for him. Within his home country, Yee had become infamous over videos criticizing religion and politics, leading to arrests and media turmoil.

An immigration official thought Yee risked serious persecution in Singapore

According to reports, Yee had come to the United States on a tourist visa, but told immigration officials that he was seeking refugee status. He had been detained in the country since he arrived at Chicago's O'Hare airport this past December.

Reportedly, the United States Department of Homeland Security originally opposed Yee's application for asylum, but an immigration judge ruled in his favor on Friday, and Yee is expected to be released shortly. According to Yee’s legal team, he could be released as early as this following Monday.

Judge Samuel Cole released a thirteen-page decision that explained it was felt that Yee faced serious persecution in his native country, in part due to his political opinions, and it was feared that it would continue should he not be granted asylum.

Both critics and fans are happy that Yee is in the United States

Yee is said to be a controversial figure within his home country. Reportedly, Yee’s critics in Singapore celebrated him being granted asylum in the United States on social media.

One Facebook user wrote that it was hoped to be the "last we heard of" Yee, and it has been said that it was a common comment among Yee's critics online. Some Singaporeans have sympathized with Yee. Another Facebook user reportedly said that he could live the "free life" that he desires and wished him, "Congratulations."

Yee, said to be a former child actor, is known for his controversial content online.

Known specifically as a critic of Christianity and Islam, he was imprisoned in September 2016 for six weeks after being charged with "wounding religious feelings" He had previously been jailed for four weeks beforehand in 2015 for a video criticizing the country's former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, comparing him to Jesus Christ.

He also posted a crude cartoon portraying Lee Kuan Yew engaged in anal sex with Margaret Thatcher.

In addition, Yee also made headlines during his arrest for making false allegations that he had been molested by his bailor, Vincent Law, which he later confessed had been made up to manipulate mainstream media, in order to reportedly make a statement on how “tabloid”-focused it had become.