One of the little noticed stories surrounding the Trump administration’s hardline attitude toward illegal immigration has been the flow of people to Canada who had been living outside the law in the United States. The theory is that illegal aliens will find a more welcoming environment in America’s northern neighbor, an attitude that is being encouraged by liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, a Plurality of Canadians are starting to push back on open borders and now support deporting illegals from the country by a 46 to 41 percent margin.

Immigration advocates have been entertaining people with stories of refugees from the Great Trump Terror trudging through the snow to the warm embrace of Canada. Silly comparisons to the Underground Railroad, where escaped slaves from the South were obliged to high tail it to Canada to avoid being ensnared by the Fugitive Slave Act have been made. The difference is that Trump is all too happy to see the illegal immigrant population off.

To be sure, it is too early to predict when or if the Trudeau government might fall because of the influx, as Hot Air suggests may happen. But as the weather warms, the migration may become a flood. If crime shows an uptick and Canada’s generous social services, including its universal, government run health care system, starts showing strains, one would be surprised if the Illegal Immigration becomes as continuous an issue in Canada as it has in the United States.

What happens next will depend on how the Trudeau government reacts to an influx of illegal immigrants. If Canada’s young prime minister decides that Canadian values require that the country be welcoming to everyone who wants to come, the voters may opt instead for public safety and cultural identity. Those issues have rocked the United States for decades and are now becoming white hot areas of contention in Europe as anti-immigration political parties gain strength. Canada is not that much different in that regard, despite the desire of that country’s ruling elite to stick it to President Trump and the uncouth Americans who elected him.