Apparently, the Resistance is persistent and mischievously creative. Today, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac), two unassuming protestors were able to infiltrate the big shindig and pass out close to 1,000 Russian flags to excited attendees. The problem is, the flags were not that of old glory, but Russian flags with the name Trump printed in big, bold golden letters. After realizing what the audience members were proudly waving while President Trump was speaking, staffers were sent scrambling to retrieve them, but not before photos had already made their way to the internet.

So how did such Russian mockery find its way into Donald Trump’s big moment? Two men, 36-year-old Ryan Clayton and 22-year-old Jason Charter, simply passed out the flags ahead of Trump’s speech. Both men are members of Americans Take Action, an organization calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment. Both men were eventually booted from the event. Speaking in a thick but fake Russian accent, Charter told the Atlantic magazine that people either did not know they were Russian flags or just didn’t care. Charter, who did not get kicked out as quickly as Clayton, said after he heckled the president by calling him Putin’s puppet and a fascist, he was escorted out and banned from CPAC.

The revolution is being televised daily

Jason Charter also told the Atlantic they will continue resisting Trump for as long as it takes. Ryan Clayton told BuzzFeed News he mentioned to CPAC attendees that Trump and Putin would be great leaders. After the charade was discovered and flags confiscated, organizers warned the audience that if caught with a flag and waving it, they too will be escorted out.

Russian flags may be gone but the demand for answers will not go away

Donald Trump and/or his associates have found themselves mentioned, along with Russia in the same sentences since last summer. No matter how much he denies, deflects, distract or dismisses, more reports and headlines continue to surface speculating the possible troubling ties. And as long as questions go unanswered, public outcry will grow louder. That’s just human nature aroused by suspicion.