In a hypothetical 2020 head-to-head presidential contest President Trump would steamroll liberal Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll. The poll found that 42 percent of registered voters would back Donald Trump, while only 36 percent said they would vote for Elizabeth Warren. Twenty-two percent of voters were undecided.

Warren less popular than generic Democrat

However, the most interesting fact revealed by this poll is that the numbers reveal an indisputable dislike of Sen. Warren among independents.

While Warren would get beaten handily by Trump, a "generic Democrat" would fare much better. With Warren out of the mix, Trump would receive just 35 percent of the vote, while the generic Democrat would receive 43 percent of the vote.

The Politico/Morning Consult survey of 1,791 registered voters suggests that, unlike Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primaries, Warren lacks support from outside the Democratic party. Independent voters favored an unnamed 'generic' Democrat to Elizabeth Warren by a hefty 10-point margin.

The survey was conducted between Feb. 9 and Feb. 10, just days after the Massachusetts senator made headlines after she was hushed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for her criticism of then-Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.

Although Warren was in clear violation of Rule 19 of the Senate guidelines, which prohibits impugning the motives of a fellow senator, social media erupted in support of Warren, with the hashtag #LetLizSpeak trending on Twitter.

Trump and Obama vie for best of the worst

Other statistics from the Politico/Morning Consult poll show that 49 percent of voters approve of Donald Trump's presidential performance, while 45 percent disapprove.

The majority of voters also disapprove of Trump's public criticisms of private companies; 61 percent of voters frown upon this behavior, while a mere 27 percent condone it.

In terms of Trump's place in history, 26 percent said that Trump would go down as the worst president of the modern era, while 25 percent said that Barack Obama would be remembered as the worst American president.