With “Saturday Night Live” on hiatus until March 4th, viewers are deprived of seeing the Grim Reaper portray White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. However, a group of California-based organizers raised more than $8,000 online and had managed to get posters plastered in cities like Washington, D.C., New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major cities. With a stark white background, the signs call for the impeachment of President Bannon in bold red and blue lettering. The protest signs, which are a part of this President’s Day weekend demonstration, also lists the names of former Presidents: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and then Bannon.

The group admits they hope to get deep enough beneath Donald trump’s skin to spark a response from him. The group wrote in an email to Yahoo News that they hope to see an angry tweet or two or maybe Trump will bark his signature line, “You’re fired,” to Bannon. They jokingly added that this would be great for the ratings. One member wrote that no one voted for Bannon yet he’s the de-facto 45th President. Alison Kay, a key organizer of the group, wrote that if Steve Bannon thought Trump was a blunt instrument then wait until he sees what they can do. It sounds almost Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

The media is not the opposition, protesters are

There was immediate outrage after Trump decided to bring Steven Bannon from the alt-right Breitbart news network to the campaign trail and straight into the White House as chief strategist.

The Anti-Defamation League and various civil rights demanded Trump rescind that appointment. In a speech given on November 16th, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders pointed out how the nation has become less discriminatory and more tolerant but vowed we would not go backward. If this election has taught anything, we’ve learned not everyone is less discriminatory or more tolerant.

Sanders called Bannon’s position of authority totally unacceptable.

The great manipulator

Steven Bannon recently landed on the cover of Time magazine with the headline: “The Great Manipulator.” Bannon’s influence in the White House has many people concerned, especially after the president gave him a seat at the table of the National Security Council’s Principals Committee.