On Monday, Donald Trump appointed Army Lt. Gen H.R. McMaster as his new national security adviser. McMaster is a highly decorated army person and a noted writer. His role with the U.S. Army as of the present is Deputy Commanding General, Futures. Earlier, he served as the Director of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Shafafiyat in Afghanistan.

H.R. McMaster

The newly appointed Security Advisor graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy in 1980 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant at West Point in 1984. Other than this, he is a Ph. D.in American history.

Nicknamed 'The Iconoclast General', McMaster wrote a thesis on America's strategy during the Vietnam War and expanded the discussion further in his book 'Derelication of Duty' which was published in 1997.

The new national security advisor served the U.S. Army during the Gulf War, Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.

As the captain of the 'Eagle Troop' at the Battle of 73 Easting, H.R. McMaster led the significantly outnumbered battle division to victory. The 9 tanks of his troop destroyed more than eighty tanks (mostly T-62s and T–72s) of the Iraqi Republican Guard without any casualty at the American side. He was awarded the 'Silver Star' for this win and this battle was featured in several books about the operation in Iraq.

The appointment

Trump announced the new appointment at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. "You're going to do a great job," Trump told the McMaster.

Trump also announced that Keith Kellogg would be the chief of staff for McMaster. Trump's appointment for the post of the security advisor and the concerned chief of staff does not need any confirmation by the Senate.

Replying to the reporters about his appointment, McMaster said, "I would just like to say what a privilege it is to be able to continue serving our nation. I'm grateful to you for that opportunity, and I look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything that I can to advance and protect the interests of the American people.". Kellogg also added that he would be honored to serve the country along with McMaster.