And so it begins. The subtle introduction into how to control the media, or at least, the attempt to try. Apparently, the so-called travel ban is not the only ban in effect for America. White House team players like Senior Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway will be taking their alternative facts elsewhere, as reports of their shunning cable news network CNN surfaces. Ironically, it was CNN who gave then-candidate Donald Trump an abundance of coverage during the primaries. But since the news network insists on holding the feet of White House reps to the fire with fact-checking shouting matches, they are now being punished for not promoting the Trump agenda.

Truth be darned.

A White House official told Politico that they were sending surrogates to places where they think it makes sense to promote their agenda. It’s fact-finding news vs. agendas. The official also stated that the “network news ban” was not permanent. Perhaps, it will all depend on CNN’s willingness to conform and get with the program. White House staffer Omarosa Manigault did say several months ago, that the naysayers will bow at Trump’s feet. Obviously, this latest ban against CNN is an attempt to force down their ratings, something which is greatly important to the president.

When unflattering news is labeled as fake

CNN came under fierce attack when they reported that Trump and Obama had been briefed by intelligence officials about Russia possibly having negative information on Trump.

After CNN correspondent Jim Acosta hounded the president for an answer to his question, Trump went on a warpath, accusing CNN of reporting fake news.

Are dangerous signs being ignored?

For almost two years, and since the presidential race, voices have been crying out about the signs of demagoguery and fascism. The fascist regimes of leaders such as Germany’s Hitler, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and Italy’s Mussolini, for example, have long been studied.

Historians agree that one of the most common characteristics of a dictatorship is a need to control the media. Are too many Americans ignoring alarming warning signs, or are they willing to go into the unknown?