A teenager in India was thought to be dead but shocked his family when he woke up while making his way to his own Funeral. The Teen, Kumar Marewad, 17, was rushed to a hospital when his eyes opened, and his hands and legs started to move. The incident occurred over the weekend.

Marewad is currently in critical condition and remains in the hospital. About a month ago he was bitten by a stray dog and sustained injuries. As a result of the attack, Marewad stayed in a hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

His health deteriorated

After the dog attack, Marewad's health started to deteriorate.

Doctors told his family that he would not survive if he were to be taken off life support. This lead to the decision to take Marewad off of life support. After the plug was pulled, he stopped breathing, so his family decided to take him to his funeral.

Marewad's brother-in-law said doctors told him that Marewad didn't have much of a chance once he was taken off the ventilator. After Marewad had been presumed dead, they were going to perform his last rites. However, he started hyperventilating about a mile from the village where the funeral was to take place.

Nobody is sure how Marewad came back to life, but there's a number of reasons why he became responsive. Some say that sedative drugs and anesthetic drugs may have still been present in the system, which left him paralyzed.

If no doctor pronounced him dead at that point, then he would have eventually woke up.

Not the first time it has happened

This isn't the first time someone has woken up after people had thought they were dead. Last year, a man in India was thought to be dead after a snake bit him. However, the 23-year-old ended up waking up at his own funeral.

After the man had regained consciousness, he was taken to a tantric practitioner. The man couldn't be saved, and he was declared dead for the second time. He was taken to a hospital, and a post-mortem exam took place. Nobody is sure why the man wasn't brought to the hospital in the first place, but there are still many superstitious beliefs in India, which may be why he was taken to a tantric practitioner first.