The Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet is having fun at the expense of U.S. President Donald Trump in taking on a mocking tone in ridiculing his "fake news" report of a "security incident" in Sweden on Friday night. The respected Swedish newspaper posted an article that reported “everything that happened in Sweden last night” to help President Trump "understand" the events of Friday night. During the course of a "campaign-style rally" on Saturday at an airport in Melbourne, Florida, Trump reported a "fake news" story about a "non-existent" terrorist attack in the peaceful country of Sweden.

Swedish newspaper reports on what really happened on Friday night

Referring to this "non-existent" terrorist attack in Sweden Trump mentioned the "real" attacks in Nice, Paris, and Brussels. This mention left officials in Sweden puzzled and bewildered. In a friendly reminder to Trump, the Swedish newspaper mentioned that a "man set himself on fire" at a plaza in central Stockholm suffering severe burns. The newspaper also reported the famous Swedish singer Owe Thörnqvist, suffered through some technical problems during a rehearsal for a singing competition, the ”Melodifestivalen”.

In other news from Sweden, a man died in the hospital, after an accident in the workplace in the city of Borås, Sweden.

A road was closed between Katterjåkk and Riksgränsen due to weather conditions. To make matters worse, an avalanche warning was issued. A man driving a Peugeot was chased by police and was fleeing through parts of the Swedish capital city of Stockholm.

Terrorist attack did not take place in Sweden on Friday night - or any recent night

But no report of a "terrorist attack" and no mention of the Syrian refugees causing any problems in the country.

At least not on Friday night, which was the time specified in Trump's "Fake News" report delivered to 9,000 supporters at an airport in Florida.

Last, but not least, a "moose fell in love." A wooden moose in Ove Lindqvist’s garden in Byske outside Skellefteå, northern Sweden, apparently caught the attention of a lovesick moose bull. The rest can be left to your imagination.

Trump sticks to his guns on 'false' Swedish claim

Trump stuck by his claim that the reference during the Florida airport speech was a Fox news story claiming the country of Sweden is “covering up” migrant rape and violent crime, all in the name of “humanitarianism”.

But the newspaper did not agree with Trump and the Fox News report, which was not about a specific attack on Friday night.

A documentary filmmaker tried to make the case that Sweden's acceptance of Syrian refugees has made that country less safe. It has not. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet said that the "conversation is full of sweeping statements, exaggerations and – clear errors." The newspaper takes it step-by-step.