Quite a few of Donald Trump’s supporters and even one of his previous advisors has called the POTUS out after Sean Spicer revealed that the Department of Justice could be cracking down on the Marijuana industry in the near future. According to Spicer, there are “still federal laws in place” and he believes these laws should be enforced even in states where recreational marijuana is currently legal.

Spicer clarified that this decision wasn’t about medical marijuana – just recreational

During his speech, Sean Spicer clarified that the POTUS does “emphasize” with those who require medical marijuana.

However, he believes there is a big distinction between medical marijuana and recreational. He went on to claim that even residents in the eight states where marijuana is currently legal – recreationally – should expect federal laws to be enforced more so than they are now.

Supporters of Donald Trump believe this is a horrible mistake

Even Roger Stone – a former advisor of Donald Trump – criticized what Sean Spicer had to say and claimed it was a “huge mistake” on the Trump administration’s part. Stone claimed this mistake was going to cost thousands of jobs and could potentially bankruptcy local governments.

Other supporters who claimed to have voted for Donald Trump are also expressing disappointment in the recent announcement made by the White House.

Even some supporters of Trump who are against marijuana still believe the POTUS is making a mistake. Some of these individuals have even taken to Twitter to express their support for all of the tax revenue the eight states where marijuana is legal have been able to generate. Some believe cannabis could get the U.S. out of debt.

Some have even begged the POTUS to reconsider his position on marijuana legalization as they use cannabis as a treatment for a number of different ailments. The majority who have taken to Twitter to express their outrage towards Trump have claimed the federal government need to quit trying to control the majority.

For the most part, a large portion of Americans seem to think the new stance the POTUS is taking against the marijuana industry is a “waste of time.” Is President Donald Trump making a mistake?