Even while overseas, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is getting the job done. Thursday Tillerson directed his closest aides to fire upper echelon Obama holdover staff at the State Department. The Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices had most of their staff relieved of their services.

These staff members were part of the infamous 7th floor. The floor where powerful, high-ranking State Department officials worked. They were better know as the 'shadow government.' These are the same officials who protected Hillary Clinton.

The 7th Floor 'Shadow Government'

In October of 2016, there was an interview summary that was released by the FBI. It revealed a State Department cabal that handled the release of Hillary's emails. It is said that this 'shadow government' met on Wednesday afternoons on the 7th floor to discuss FOIA and Congressional inquiries relating to Clinton.

However, some officials are claiming that this purge is politically motivated and that it eliminates essential policy-making expertise. It seems to be more a fear of losing the status quo and an end to the corruption within the Department.

What happens now?

It appears there will be a complete reorganization of this agency, which is long overdue. The fact that senior staff is no longer privy to information is causing a great deal of angst.

Career officials are using the fact that Tillerson was a corporate CEO and has no government experience to make the case that he will not be an effective liaison between the Department and the White House.

They worry about all of the changes. Tillerson advised diplomats to look for changes in the way things have been traditionally done.

Tillerson has stated that while change is not always easy, it is often necessary. His goal is to make the Department more efficient. One thing is certain, the White House will play things closer to the vest and will most likely personally control many key foreign policy portfolios instead of through professional diplomats as in the past.