sarah silverman has made a career of telling jokes, but over the weekend the liberal actress and comedian, who has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, found out what it's like to be the punchline -- after she posted pictures of swastikas on social media that turned out to be nothing more than common markings used by construction crews.

Silverman was on her way to get coffee on Sunday when something on the sidewalk caught her attention -- bright orange swastikas. She snapped a photo of the hate symbols and uploaded it to Twitter, calling out neo-Nazis for their lack of accuracy and artistic proficiency.

"Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do new nazis not have google?" she tweeted.

Within minutes, Twitter users pointed out that the bright orange hate symbols spray-painted on the sidewalk were not swastikas at all, but common markings used by construction crews to mark a spot where an obstruction, such as a pipe or cable, is underground.

Twitter users post hilarious replies

Some Twitter users were quick to ridicule Silverman, accusing the comedian of looking for signs of racism where none exist.

Others used Silverman's ignorance as an opportunity to reverse roles and put the comedian on the receiving end of a joke, with hilarious results.

For instance, writer Stephen Miller responded to Silverman's tweet with a picture of a surveying crew, commenting: "I even spotted a couple of Nazis in broad daylight testing some sort of abortion prevention laser device."

Another user, Eric Larson, uploaded a picture of orange-and-white traffic cones.

"The KKK guys left their hats down the street too," he added.

Sarah Silverman can't take a joke

However, Silverman proved that she did not appreciate being the butt of a joke by childishly lashing out at those who pointed out her error, calling them "smelly condescending c--ts." In a follow-up tweet she explained that, because of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, she had begun to see swastikas everywhere she looked.

Silverman made headlines in early February after she called for a military coup to remove President Trump from office.