Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP branch president who lied about her race, is now jobless and fighting to keep her home -- and, according to The Guardian, is living on food stamps. Two years ago, Dolezal was a respected black Rights Activist and taught at Eastern Washington University. Today, she is struggling to land gainful employment -- even as a supermarket shelf stocker.

Since her fall from grace, which began after it was uncovered that she lied about her African-American heritage, Dolezal has applied to over 100 jobs, but has received no offers.

She has, however, been offered gigs in pornographic films and a part in a reality TV series.

The former NAACP leader became an overnight pariah in 2015 after a local news reporter asked her if she was white. After replying that she didn't understand the question, footage of the awkward confrontation was picked up by mass media and Dolezal's world fell apart; her parents produced photos of their white daughter, who was living a lie and pretending to be black. She lost her position with the NAACP, was fired by her university, and was soon shunned by both races.

Dolezal fears that she will lose her home next month

According to The Guardian, Dolezal is jobless and is using food stamps to feed her family.

She has been borrowing money from friends to pay the bills, and next month she is expected to lose her home. When she attempted to re-apply at a college where she used to teach, her colleagues pretended to have no recollection of her. Recently, she was turned down by a local supermarket for a shelf stocking position. Even though she has legally changed her name, she is still recognized and remembered everywhere she goes.

Yet she remains unapologetic for her actions

Dolezal, however, refuses to apologize for the deception that precipitated her fall from grace. “I’m not going to stoop and apologize and grovel and feel bad about it," said Dolezal to The Guardian. "I would just be going back to when I was little, and had to be what everybody else told me I should be."