There have been Calls for an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate U.S. President Donald trump’s alleged relationship with Russia and the nation’s interference in the U.S. elections

An independent Inquiry

The emphasis that the Commission should have the authority to be able to call witnesses and ensure that they testify under oath or face prosecution is viable. According to Democrats, They further said that hearings should be done in the open, and must be televised live.

Involvements of Key Trump's associates

The recent resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn and the latest news of several contacts between Trump close associates and Russia intelligence are enough reason to conduct such an investigation in an open and transparent manner.

They added.

Trump on a press conference has said he knew nothing about the Washington Post report that alleges Flynn had secretly discussed the possibility of lifting most of the U.S. sanctions against Russia’s ambassador to the U.S.

Reluctance by Republican Congress Leaders

Mitch McConnell, the Senator Majority Leader, has said that the intelligence committee of the Senate would launch an investigation into Flynn’s alleged discussions with Russian Ambassador. However, there is this skepticism that a Republic dominated investigation may really dig for the truth and brings out the real facts.

Meanwhile, the chair of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz has said that he will not be involved in an inquiry on the Flynn Affair.

Americans right to know

It is the right of Americans to know if a particular candidate in the previous election worked with foreign powers to influence the outcome of the election. In a democracy, there is a need for checks and balances of power in protecting and preserving our democratic values and ideals.

The repeated calls for an independent commission of inquiry into the alleged Russia’s interference in U.S.

electoral affairs must not be swept under the carpet without allowing fair hearing and democracy to take its course. If nothing is done, such could be injurious for the U.S. and its future elections.