Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most influential figures in the world. Despite having no bearing on public policy via the government, Zuckerberg has shaped the world through Facebook, the highly-influential social media platform that remains robust over a decade after its founding. He may be looking to get more involved in world affairs, though, judging by a message he posted on his Facebook page about Globalization.

The message

Zuckerberg posted the message on Facebook on Thursday, one he has been crafting for over a month. The message focused on the world and whether or not people are creating the world they want on a daily basis.

He specifically took note of globalization and how the world is somehow growing less interconnected than it was before the advent of things like social media, with some communities beginning to isolate themselves.

His message of globalization also touched on the needs for everyone to be included in the process, not just people who inherently feel advantaged by it. To that end, Zuckerberg discussed creating a "social infrastructure" that would give people from around the world more power to take charge of their lives and everyday decisions in a global economy.

Political future

The message about globalization could have been inspired by recent world events. As countries around the world, including the United States and United Kingdom, look to populists to lead their country, there is a growing backlash against people from other communities, such as immigrants and refugees.

Zuckerberg claimed the message wasn't motivated by recent world events, but that is slightly hard to believe.

His post led many to note that Zuckerberg seems to be moving closer to a career in politics. He has already taken care of some of the legal issues that would come with working in government and running Facebook, and earlier this year, he spoke of a desire to get to know people across the United States on a more intimate level.

Zuckerberg certainly would not be the first business mogul to enter the political world and his ideas about globalization will be debated, but he seems determined to make a positive difference in the world moving forward.