Forget the official White House presidential press kit. If anyone knows the real Donald Trump, it’s his friends, especially his old friends who knew him before he aspired to be the Commander-in-Chief. One of his friends who has never shied away from a controversial statement or two is Howard Stern, long known as the shock jock of New York City, revealed more about the personality of his friend, Trump.

Stern advised Trump not to run for his own good

In a candid interview yesterday with “Entertainment Weekly," Stern admitted that he wished his old buddy had never even run for office.

Stern was a loyal supporter of Hillary Clinton for president, however, the reason he wished Trump hadn’t entered the race is far more personal. And this isn’t just talking behind Trump’s back. According to Stern, he actually told Trump that this whole thing would in the long run be “detrimental to his health."

Stern seems to be inadvertently adding fuel to the fire of many people who are starting to believe that Trump has the strong leanings of a self-involved narcissist. Despite Trump’s billionaire status (which would seem to make him more self-sufficient), Stern added that Trump has a need to be liked, loved, and “he wants people to cheer for him." This goes a long way in shedding some light on why Trump got hair-raising mad over any suggestions by the media that his inaugural crowds were not the biggest ever in the history of mankind.

Trump upset about not being accepted

Another interesting tidbit dropped during Stern’s interview is that there is more to the fiery insults flying back and forth at warp speed among Hollywood activists, the press, and Trump, than meets the eye. It’s actually closer to the old saying: it’s a thin line between love and hate. Trump has repeatedly threatened to restrict media access because he says they pick on him.

Also, at recent Hollywood award shows, more actors have made anti-Trump statements than have thanked their mothers. But Stern says the hate fest is not mutual. Stern says Trump “loves the press." "He lives for it. He loves people in Hollywood. He only wants to hobnob with them.” And so it continues, truth is stranger than fiction.