Barbara Pirece Bush, the daughter of the former republican president George W. Bush, is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at a fundraiser for planned parenthood of Greater Texas. This comes after the organization has been in trouble after the recent election of President Donald Trump. Lawmakers have been debating whether to cut federal funding to the women's health group because they provide abortions even though that is a small part of what the group actually does.

Bush family supports Planned Parenthood

It may come as some surprise that the republican's daughter is a supporter.

George W. Bush did a lot to fight against Planned Parenthood when he was in office. Yet his wife has supported legal abortion in the past and his daughter is the CEO and co-founder of the Global Health Corps, a group which supports emerging health leaders and sends them abroad to tackle health related issues in troubled regions of the world. Last year she called Planned Parenthood an exceptional organization.

The organization is in trouble

Planned Parenthood has been under fire since republicans took office a couple of months ago. It has been on their agenda to do away with the group. In the state of Texas laws have been passed to limit the number of clinics and doctors which can work at those clinics.

These laws have been challenged in the supreme court and considerable legal battles continue to surround Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump has made it clear that he is not a supporter of abortion or Planned Parenthood.

As laws are being passed to bring down the women's health organization it come as a glimmer of hope that the daughter of an esteemed former republican president is standing up for the group.

Women all across the country utilize services provided by Planned Parenthood such as education, contraception and health screenings which in many cases are life saving. Many women have in turn protested the current political rhetoric surrounding the group. Barbara Bush can now consider herself part of the struggle.