The tendency of Twitter to make someone tweet something alarming and offensive has entangled Chris Cuomo, a Talking Head on CNN. Weighing in on the transgender bathroom wars. Cuomo, the son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and brother of the current Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was asked the following question on Twitter, “What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn't want to see a penis in the locker room?"

Cuomo, without missing a beat, replied, “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? Teach tolerance."

The CNN reporter spent several hours violating the rule of holes (i.e.

when stuck in a hole, stop digging) by arguing with people about what he really meant, denying what he tweeted in any way, and calling people bigoted and ignorant when they adhered to that interpretation. The Washington Examiner noted that Cuomo was absent from a show that he ordinarily co-anchors. The network has so far not offered any explanation or comment.

Cuomo has fallen into the trap that inevitably awaits for people who are advocates for “bathroom equity.” Allowing biological males, not matter what gender they identify with, necessarily means the women and girls are going to get at look at their male parts whether they want to or not. When such a thing happens anywhere else, it is considered a crime for which one can be prosecuted.

Indeed, when former President Bill Clinton exposed himself to Paula Jones with an obvious lascivious intent he kicked off a chain of events in which he was forced to pay a large, undisclosed amount of money and, because of his reluctance to be truthful about the incident while under oath, became only the second American president in history to be impeached.

If only Clinton had lured Ms. Jones into the lady’s room and claimed to identify as a woman, he might have avoided that trouble.

Cuomo could be forced to resign and thus join the ranks of disgraced celebrities such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Bill Maher, and George Takei who have covered themselves with ignominy for having an all too casual attitude toward children and sex or at least kids and penises.

More likely he will be forced to make a groveling on air apology and suffer a suspension to think about what he did. But Cuomo will always be associated with penises and 12-year old girls, not exactly a nice place to be in when one is a cable news talking head.