Donald Trump right through the election trail had denounced Obama and his plan to let Muslim migrants enter the USA from Syria and the Middle East. After winning the election he signed an executive order debarring nationals from 7 mainly Muslim countries from entering the USA. The ban created unrest among many. The press and opponents of Donald began an agitation against the ban. Luckily for them, the court stayed the implementation of the order. Donald has however vowed to enforce a ban later. In Europe, there is much support for a Donald type ban.

Most EU nations took in hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants. The end result is not good as statistics show that crime against women including rape has shot up beyond acceptable limits. In most places, though police are shy to give figures the Majority of the criminals are the migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

Support Donald

A survey was conducted and on average55% of the men and women sampled were clear that Donald type plane needs to be enforced. This news will be sweet music to Donald who has tweeted that the European nations had committed a great mistake in allowing a large influx of Muslims inside their nations.

Alarm bells in EU

Donald is right in a way.

Ever since the EU opened its doors to refugees mainly Muslim from the Middle East terror attacks, crime and rapes of Christian women have shot up. The reason is that most migrants are male, young and Muslim. Sweden took in 190,000 and Germany almost a million. This has alarmed the local population which at one time had thought the influx of Muslims will help the economy as many hands will be available to man the essential services due to a population crunch.

Result of survey

The research cum survey was carried out by a London-based think tank and over 10,000 respondents were interviewed. Almost all over Europe the majority felt that a Trump-style Muslim ban is required and a further influx of Muslim refugees stopped. Poland led the figures with 71% support. Overall the figure worked out to 55% which is the clear majority. Maybe Donald is correct as he plays on the fears of the populace. Even In America, there is widespread support for his Muslim ban, though the intelligentsia opposes it.