According to RedState Watcher, Assange and the Wikileaks team claim they will have a more revealing 2017. As if 2016 was not revealing enough, there is more to come. In the tweet, Wikileaks says: "If you thought 2016 was a big Wikileaks year 2017 will blow you away. Help us prepare for the showdown.

In 2016, Wikileaks had surprises all year long, from the dnc leaks to the Clinton email scandal. So what does Assange have in store for us this year? We will not know until they release the documents. Until then, we will have to stay tuned.

WikiLeaks monstrous 2016

Last year, WikiLeaks released a barrage of documents exposing the DNC's corruption. Gateway Pundit wrote a piece in July of last year that gives readers a list of links. The list includes these documents:

  • DNC members making fun of black woman's name

According to WikiLeaks, members of the DNC were making fun of a black woman's name. The woman's name is LaQueenia. The email was from Rob Smith to various DNC members. The email was intended to remain secret, however, Assange was able to get into the server.

  • DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”

This email released by WikiLeaks starts off by the sender, Jordan Kaplan, calling the receivers "homos." Not only was this embarrassing for Kaplan, but for the entire DNC as well.

Kaplan is the National Finance Director for the DNC.

Operation mockingbird all over again?

  • DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment

This email was from Christina Freundlich, the DNC Deputy National Press Secretary. In the email, she was requesting that they have a commentary segment off MSNBC. The commentary was a piece on the relationship between the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Not only did this hide evidence from the American people, but it was damaging to both the DNC and the Clinton campaign. We may never know what the documentary was, but WikiLeaks suggests that it was a bombshell.

This was only a small example of the leaks from Assange in 2016. There were much more. The website promises more for 2017. As we sit in anticipation, the curiosity grows stronger. Who will Assange expose next?