Kalani and Jarani Dean are twin sisters, but there is something unique about the 9-month-old Babies. When people see them, they usually take a second look. First of all, they are beautiful. Secondly, they are twins with different skin colors. Jarani has dark skin like her black father, and Kalani has fair skin like her white mother.

Different skin color

The Twins' mother, Whitney Meyer, says her babies are the same but with different skin colors. She added that you can't look at one and not love them both. Even so, she remember that she was surprised when the babies were born last April 23.

The babies' father and Meyer's boyfriend, Tomas Dean, 23, was also surprised when he saw his beautiful babies. The Quincy, Illinois man said he wouldn't have thought in a million years that he would father a baby with fair skin and blue eyes like Kalani has.

The 25-year-old mother said most people can believe Jarani and Kalani are sisters, but they find it hard to believe they are twins. For this reason, the mother usually dresses the girls in matching outfits to give people a clue.

Different personalities

The twin girls are only 9 months old, but they are already showing that they have different personalities.

Kalani is the more energetic baby. She was the first to crawl and has begun to explore. Jarani, on the other hand, seems to be the one who is less energetic. The twins has a 7-year-old Caucasian doting brother who reads to them every night.

Doctors' explanation

Statistics show there are only one in 500 chance twins born to mixed race parents will have different skin colors.

Doctors admit that it is rare for biracial twins to look as different as Kalani and Jarani, but this is not the first case of twins having different color skin. Skin and eye colors come as a result of genes from the parents.

Apparently, Kalani received more genes from her white mother, and Jarani received more genes from her black father.

Since there was not an even distribution of genes, one baby has the fair skin and blue eyes while the other has darker skin.

In some cases, the skin color changes as babies get older. So, it is possible that the skin color of the twins will change over time and become more blended. The parents say even if the skin color never changes, the girls are beautiful and loved.