Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration is set to take place on January 20, as the controversial business tycoon gets ready to become the 45th President of the United States. Much has been said regarding the Republican's Inauguration Day, with many celebrities refusing invitations to perform at the event and further reports that the crowd size expectations are much lower than originally planned. However, one family who will certainly be in attendance on January 20 are the Griffin family.

Trump's VP and the Griffin family

Gene Griffin, a former Mormon bishop and his wife Dona have touched many with their emotional story about losing their son Dale in Afghanistan in 2009.

A former champion wrestler, Dale was 29 when he was killed by a roadside bomb whilst serving in Afghanistan. The Vice President-elect Mike Pence was so moved by the family's story that he attended the grand opening of Griffin Bike Park last summer, a bike park named in Dale's honor which stands as a tribute to him and others who died serving. From there, Pence built a relationship with the family, something which has now led to the couple being invited to Trump's Inauguration day later this month.

Trump's Inauguration Day invite

The couple from Terre Haute, Indianapolis admitted that they were surprised when they opened an envelope from their mailbox that read 'The Inaugural Committee, Washington, D.C,' with a letter inside requesting the couple's presence at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Gene told News10 that when they saw the invitation with their names on it, including special passwords to go online and get their tickets, that they were on "cloud nine" and described it as a "great honor". The Griffins also thanked the Pence family for all the support they've received from them since losing their son.

"It started when we attended a memorial service in Indianapolis after the death of our son, and we met him and his wife for the first time" Donna told News10 before saying that the couples "hit it off" thanks in part to Pence's background with several members of his family serving in the military.

Believing that the Pence family were "a little more sensitive" to their circumstances than most.

The Griffin family will also be attending the Inaugural Ball and other events throughout the weekend, one being a trip to Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath hanging. The trip to Arlington holds a particular significance to Gene and Dona, as there is a stone there with their son's and his friend's names on it. For Gene and Dona they see the invitation from Trump as not just an honor but as a symbol of their son's memory.