It has been revealed that President-elect Donald J. Trump's nomination for Secretary of Education omitted a $125,000 donation to a Michigan-based anti-labor PAC known as "Protect Michigan Taxpayers." Betsy DeVos, a prominent member of the Republican establishment in Washington, failed to disclose the $125,000 political donation amongst the total of $5 million in donations submitted to the Senate for review. Mrs. DeVos' confirmation hearing is set for this Tuesday, January 17th.

Drain the swamp?

A central theme of the incoming President's campaign was that a Trump administration would cleanse Washington D.C.

of corruption. With 6 days until the inauguration of President Trump, the cabinet appointments of the President-elect have not lived up to the expectations of anti-swamp Trump supporters. After railing against his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for her ties to Goldman Sachs, Trump announced the appointment of 5 former Goldman Sachs to his administration. Steve Mnuchin, the hedge fund mogul, George Soros, the confidant and former Goldman Sachs partner, has been tapped as Secretary of the Treasury by Mr. Trump. The political appointees of President-elect Trump donated over $6 million -- $6,054,275 to be exact -- to his campaign and allied super PACs in the 2016 election cycle. From 1989-2016, these donors and soon-to-be members of the Trump administration poured over $29 million into federal elections.

The American people are tired of corruption

A 2015 poll conducted by the New York Times and CBS News found that 48% of Americans -- regardless of political affiliation -- believe that “the system for funding political campaigns has so much wrong with it that we need to completely rebuild it." The rise of candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two candidates that railed against "the establishment" and corruption in Washington, further prove the fact that the American people are tired of corruption in D.C.

and are in favor of massive campaign finance reform. President-elect Trump has, so far, failed to act in accordance with the views of US citizens by selecting mega donors and establishment insiders for top-notch positions within the incoming Trump administration.