Proof positive that the Trump years are going to be entertaining has arisen due to a speck of dust up resulting from the planned protests at the Inauguration. Hot Air relates the story of a woman named Jennifer Willis who had expected to attend the rally with her daughters. But she was put off by a blog post by another woman named ShiShi Rose that people like her should check their privilege regularly if they mean to attend the protest. Willis has decided instead to stay at home and yell at the television.

It used to be that participating in Washington protests was an easy manner.

All you had to do is remember which slogans to chant and how to go limp when the police closed in to take you off to the hoosegow for disorderly conduct. Now it looks like that protestors will be subjected to thought crime monitoring along with riot police batons. Who wants the hassle?

Back when people were facing down Bull Connor’s dogs and cops to put an end to segregation, it didn’t matter what race one was. Most civil rights protestors had internalized the whole concept of judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. That was the whole point, after all. Now it is all about the color of one’s skin.

If Trump were not so busy setting about making America great again, he would take the time to laugh at the lameness of his opposition.

When Meryl Streep called upon her acting chops to weep at the Golden Globes to bewail the coming Trump terror, she beclowned herself in an epic manner. (To be sure, Trump was wide of the mark by claiming Streep is ”overrated” as an actress, but then he was just trolling as he always does.)

The point is that the anti-Trump forces are likely to spend more time squabbling among themselves then setting about saving the world from the new president.

Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon both should have been so lucky in the quality of their opponents. In any case, it will be the privilege of pundits everywhere to have fun for the next four to eight years.