Prominent journalist Bob Woodward -- whose reporting of the Watergate scandal contributed to Richard Nixon resigning the presidency in disgrace -- is taking the side of President-elect Donald Trump over what Woodward is calling a “garbage document" that the news website BuzzFeed posted last week.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” Woodward ripped Buzzfeed for its reporting on the exceptionally salacious report, which was written by a former British intelligence agent and prepared for a political opposition research firm. The so-called dossier had claimed that Russia had collected compromising and especially embarrassing information on Trump.

“I’ve lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegations — that is a garbage document,” Woodward said on the program. "It never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing."

Woodward, who has reported for The Washington Post since 1971 and rose to prominence when as a young reporter he and fellow reporter Carl Bernstein teamed up to expose details of the NIxon presidency that eventually led to Nixon’s downfall, said that Trump’s point of view on the matter was “underreported.” He also said that Trump was right "to be upset" about the release of the report.

Trump tweets 'Thank you' to Woodward

Woodward also noted that other media outlets were also aware of the dossier, but because its sordid details could not be confirmed, chose not to publish or broadcast the report.

His observations prompted a rare compliment towards a member of the media from Trump, who thanked Woodward for his comments.

Other journalists blast BuzzFeed

Indeed, other journalists, while hardly rising to Trump’s defense on other matters, have blasted BuzzFeed for publishing the report.

Woodward's colleague, Washington Post media reporter Margaret Sullivan, scolded BuzzFeed, saying it had “crossed the line” in posting its report.

And with icy sarcasm, Brad Heath, an investigative reporter for USA Today, posted a tweet lecturing BuzzFeed about journalism.

BuzzFeed defends its article

For its part BuzzFeed and its Editor-In-Chief Ben Smith is defending the decision to publish the report. Shortly after the article ran Smith sent an email to staffers saying the decision was made so “Americans can make up their own minds” about the allegations. But he also noted the story itself reported there “is serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

Smith also appeared on the CNN program "Reliable Sources" on Sunday where he said “We’re proud we published it” and said “it was the right thing to do.”