An Oregon mother has been arrested for aggravated murder of her 12-year-old. Amy Robertson, 38, is accused of strangling her son Caden Berry in their Riverwood apartment.

A neighbor, Brenda King, who lives in the same apartment complex had noticed Robertson coming out the apartment and was frantically screaming about demons.

Where's your son?

Brenda King asked Robertson, "where's your son?" Amy Robertson replied, "in the house, under the blanket," via People.

King then followed Robertson in the apartment, and that is when she saw Caden Berry's lifeless body.

Caden Berry was on the living room floor with a tipped over the recliner and under a blanket with his body partly showing. King tried waking Caden up. Robertson continued shouting about demons and King called 911 for help.

Amy Robertson cooperated with police when they arrived, Robertson was taken into custody and is being held without bond at the Marion County Correctional Facility.


Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office conducted the autopsy on Caden Berry and concluded that the 12-year-old was strangled to death.

Caden Berry

Caden Berry was a seventh grader at Claggett Creek Middle School and was well liked. No one noticed any problems with Caden while he was in school, he always seemed happy.

Caden Berry enjoyed his friends, video games, and sports. The only thing that had been noticed about Berry was that he had seemed sad during the week leading up to his death. Greif counselors have been called in to help the students.

Greif counsels have been called into the school for students, and a candlelight vigil was held in honor of Caden Berry.

Older siblings

According to local authorities, there was no reported abuse in the home, but Matt Castro tells a different story. Matt Castro had fathered two older children with Robertson and had reported her as unstable and having mood swings and was worried about his son in the home and considered her dangerous.

In 2011, one of Castro's and Robertson's son killed himself at the age of 12 which promoted Castro to seek custody of his remaining son.

Castro gained custody of his son in 2016 and removed him from the home. Caden Berry not being Castro's son was left there with his mother.


Oregon children services will be reviewing the incident and see what if anything could have been done to save Caden Berry life, according to Director of the Department of Human Services, Clyde Saiki.

According to Oregan state law incident team are established any time a child who was in protective services dies or when a child has been involved with protected services and died. With Matt Castro's concerns about his son being in Robertson's home and seeking custody of him, they were aware of issues in the home.

Keizer police will also continue to investigate Caden Berry's needless death.

No motives of why Amy Robertson strangled her 12-year-old son Caden Berry to death have been given except for demons made her do it.