Come Tax Day, activists will gather again nationwide to pressure President Donald Trump into releasing his tax information. Despite Trump’s waffling and excuses for not releasing his Tax returns or White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway’s announcement that he will not do what other presidents have done for the past 40 years, there are people who do care. And they care strongly. Why? Transparency, especially from a leader of the highest office in the land who has businesses all over the world is beyond important. Tax returns reveal ties and monetary connections that could not only unlawfully line his pockets, but effect the country in frightening ways.

Even Wikileaks appears to be upset by his refusal and placed a call through Twitter for anyone with information to submit it to their organization.

A real movement is coming

More than 120,000 citizens signed a petition, which had been placed on the White House webpage, demanding the tax release. The White House was bound by 60 days to answer. On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway did. So, several people who will not be led blindly, uninformed or depend on alternative facts, took to Twitter and came up with the idea for the next demonstration. It appears the nation is headed for grassroots movements the likes it has never seen before. No one knows if this event will attract demonstrators from all seven continents as the Women’s March on Washington, but it is possible since Trump’s returns could show “deals” which may influence decisions regarding other countries.

The great non-tax release debate

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Kellyanne Conway called the issue of her boss releasing his tax returns as an effort to re-litigate the presidential campaign. She went on to say he will not be releasing his returns, it has been litigated through the election and people don’t care. They voted for him.

Conway added that most Americans care more about how their returns will look while Trump is in office. If other presidents could reveal their tax information, why such secrecy over his? The average thinking person would have to wonder, again, when there the presidents has businesses all over the world, businesses he still has a hand in.