It was the second time in a couple of weeks that the Kentucky teen had seen the dog, sniffing around at the gas station, so he assumed the mutt must be lost. He was concerned for the dog’s welfare, until the animal strolled on up to him to make his acquaintance. As the Yellow Lab approached him, Tyler bent over to check him out and turned over an ID tag attached to the dog's collar. This is where the surprise came in.

The tag introduced the Labrador as Dew, going on to stress that the dog was not lost, he just likes to roam. The message ended with the words, “Tell me to go home.” Once Tyler read the words, he realized the dog was definitely not lost, but was rather enjoying a little adventure.

He told The Dodo that they looked at each other and all of a sudden he knew everything was OK, adding that Dew is so cute. He said he then petted and hugged the Yellow Lab and got a few photos before leaving the gas station.

Later, the 19-year-old headed to Twitter to share images of the dog and his tag.

Kentucky teen’s post went viral on Twitter

The tweeted images quickly went viral and it has since been revealed that Dew is quite the local celebrity, as he often leaves his owners’ 70-acre farm to go on his little adventures. The mutt even has his own Facebook page, titled “Dew’s Adventures” and his very own Twitter feed, @dewsadventures.

Among the stories on the Facebook page is a tale of how he once comforted a stranger who he found crying on her porch. The lady apparently lived two streets over from Dew’s home and enjoyed his attention no end.

Yellow Labrador is street-wise and safely tracked

According to his owners, Dew is a very loving dog and often comforts people and makes new friends in the neighborhood.

However, some social media users were concerned about the dog’s safety out on the streets and that he might cause concern to people who are afraid of Dogs. However, his Family reiterated that the Yellow Labrador loves making friends and spreading love all over the area and he is reportedly very popular with students at the nearby school.

The Yellow Lab is, as reported by the Mirror Online, chipped and fitted with a GPS tracker, so no matter where he roams, his family always knows exactly where he is. This is no doubt a relief for one Kentucky teen who kindly showed his concern for what he believed to be a lost dog.