Claim: NBC Source says Deplorable Trump Tape Will Be Released 48 Hours Before Inauguration

The source says a two-minute clip taken from "Apprentice" outtakes shows Donald Trump, the President-Elect using profane words such as the "N" word and the "C" word. The Source claims the plan is to leak it to CNN and Buzzfeed on Wednesday at 3 P.M. The source says it will be the ultimate revenge to get back at Trump for claiming CNN and Buzzfeed are fake news sites. The source which contacted Infowars founded by conspiracy researcher and conservative Alex Jones went on to state that he knows the people who will be leaking the tape to CNN and Buzzfeed.

He mentions that he will also warn Trump's senior adviser Steve Bannon so that Trump will be aware of this unfolding plot to de-legitimize him. Supposedly the tape has been floating around for quite some time looking for wealthy "supporters such as Mark Cuban or Larry Flynt to take the legal risk of being sued" if they released it themselves.

Reports of a racist Trump video surfaced Prior to the election

On December 16, 2016, the comedian and actor Tom Arnold claimed he also saw the footage of Trump saying, "every bad thing ever, every offensive racist thing ever. It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his children." Tom also claims that he has talked to other Hollywood movers and shakers that have seen the tape.

"The Apprentice" creator Mark Burnett himself also hasn't released the tape due to legal reasons. The goal the source acknowledges is to totally embarrass and discredit Donald Trump's presidency before he takes the oath of office.

Caution: this could be fake news too

Infowars in the past has previously posted stories which later didn't come true.

They are also fervent supporters of Trump. Infowars even mentions in their article that the objective is to get ahead of the tape and put a spin on it to show it is a smear job to try to lessen the damage it may do to Trump. The source alleges the intention was to originally release a clip on MLK day, but Trump's recent beef with congressman John Lewis, a former civil rights activist caused the leakers to back off for now.

To me, this doesn't make sense. I would think dropping a tape on MLK day proving Trump's racism would only help John Lewis in his statement that Trump is indeed an illegitimate president. Another allegation made by this source is that one of the people leaking the tape still actually works for the "Apprentice" show and that person believes it will be good for ratings. Like I said, Infowars sources aren't the most trustworthy so it remains to be seen if this will truly happen. If this tape is actually released the major controversy that will ensue will surely cast a great shadow over Trump's inauguration as the 45th president of the United States of America.