The customer is always wrong if she's black in an Alabama Victoria's Secret store. A VS manager kicked several African-American women out of the store after a black woman, unknown to them, was found shoplifting. No white shoppers were asked to leave. Kimberly Houzah, 27, filmed and posted the racist clerk booting her out. That viral video got the bigoted manager booted from her job.

Black Victoria's Secret shopper humiliated

At the Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama, a VS manager named "Faith" singled out the only women of color to eject from the store after an unrelated shoplifting incident.

Houzah, a nurse, videotaped the Dec. 7 exchange. She explained that she and another African-American woman were asked to leave even though the manager had no reason to suspect them. "Faith" didn't check their bags or accuse them of anything. She just told the women who also weren't together that "I need ya'll to leave." Houzah says the manager couldn't say why they had to go. None of the dozen or so white shoppers were accosted or made to leave. Color was the only common denominator. The young shopper is visibly hurt. The other shopper, an older woman is shown trying to calmly reason with the clerk. The frantic employee gives no answers and gets more heated and rude.

Victoria's Secret racist?

The head clerk found herself on the other end of the boot after summarily removing the innocent Christmas shoppers. Houzah uploaded her video to social media and Youtube where the video got over a million views in a short time. When word reached victoria's secret headquarters, the lingerie store apologized all over itself.

A spokesperson said that this behavior in no way reflects VS policy or business ethic. They posted an apology on Facebook. VS made a show of welcoming Houzah back to the store when she returned on Dec. 8. She says she never meant to get anyone in trouble. The young woman was just so shocked by the incident that she wanted to warn others. Is the lingerie chain racist? There are few black VS models shown in ads. VS is prejudiced against big women, as plus-sized model Ashley Graham is finding out.