Imagine you are in the market for a brand new truck. You have settled on a GMC Sierra. You have done all your research, and you will be going to the dealer the next day. You sit down to watch the evening news and a special on GMC trucks is on NBC. You watch to your horror as they demonstrate a car t-boning the truck. The car and truck both erupt in a ball of flames.

According to the LA Times, that happened to many people in 1992. NBC blamed GMC's gas tank being on the side of the truck bed. The only problem? The whole thing was staged. GMC suffered the biggest collapse in its history.

Sales were crashing. Who was to blame? NBC settled a lawsuit with GMC, but the damage was already done.

NBC put a smaller gas cap on the truck and had lit flairs under the car that t-boned the truck. The car with the lit flairs hit the truck, and gas shot out of the gas tank and ignited. Fake news is a plague these days, and many know it. But who are the fake news outlets? Twitter is buzzing about the fake news crisis.

Secretary Clinton says no more false news

In a conference, Hillary Clinton gave a speech recently about the harm of fake news.

But what agencies are "fake news"? In several news articles, I have exposed some of the mainstream media outlets such as ABC and MSNBC.

ABC did a whole segment on a crime committed by a sex offender. While the story was real, the fake crime scene was staged. The police were not allowing the media at the crime scene. Yet, the reporter wanted the public to think that they had special access.

ABC had no special access and the reporter had to apologize to the public.

Many news outlets are doing this

These are just examples of many more news stories that get staged. "The fake news stories must stop," Clinton said that day. We all will agree that this is quite true. The only problem is that the ones people are considering fake news are the alternate media. When reading a news story, go to the website's About Me section. A satire site should confirm that they are satire there.

Keep in mind that many of these sites do not post this, however.