Green Party candidate Jill Stein ran what many pundits called the most intelligent and well spoken campaign in the harsh 2016 election cycle. It was Jill Stein who took the time to notice that Hilary Clinton was a much greater threat for (world?) war with her more neocon approach to Russia than Donald Trump was who wanted to at least talk to Putin before threatening Russia. While Gary Johnson was forgetting Aleppo and attacking journalists who used the word “illegal” to describe those who have broken immigration laws illegally, Jill Stein was addressing facts.

While she was far too left leaning for most moderates or conservatives to actually vote for having shared the views of the self proclaimed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, she did have their respect. Sadly, that may no longer be the case.

This is because Jill Stein in contesting the outcome of the 2016 victory achieved by Donald J. Trump due to facts that are questionable at best. As reporter and analyst Paul Joseph Watson has pointed out, Stein is contesting the results in Michigan, which while sounding totally in line with her famous no nonsense approach, is anything but considering the fact that Michigan can not be hacked by Russia (a common accusation) or anyone else since Michigan does not use machines to tally or accept electronic votes.

That means that unless Putin has some way of hacking the equivalent of a typewriter, there is no way for this to have happened.

Jill Stein and the three million question

There are other states that Jill Stein and those that have donated to her fund raising campaign to achieve such a recount wish to look at, but even in these instances, there are glaring questions that arise.

One issue that Jill Stein nor her supporters of such a recount address is how to handle the fact that over three million illegal voters managed to cast a ballot, most often via states that allow for a drivers license to both be issued to undocumented workers as well as allowing illegal's to have drivers licenses. In these states, illegals need only have a state issued drivers license, which they are encouraged to do for legal driving reasons, to vote!

Three million is really a significant number to scale, and while the world “illegal” angers fellow third party loyalist Gary Johnson, it is still a fact that if one is not a legal resident of America, then one may not vote in the United States of America legally. (that needed said?) Those votes

There also exists the issue of the “voting dead”. As Trump has pointed out many times in the past, those that are dead (even if they were life long Republicans) always “magically” vote Democrat once they are called to glory. That means that there are now even more votes that need to be negated if we are to have a fair recount. This matters, because it is not just the paying for the recount states that must be paid for, but also in the budget is factoring in the cost of canceling out the illegal vote and the many voting dead.

Trump will likely mention this is Stein succeeds in her efforts.

There is also the fact that Trump won Michigan by a total of over ten thousand votes. The actual count is close to 10,400. There is simply no way that even the magic all knowing, all infiltrating Vladimir Putin -who we all know is all seeing, all powerful, and the employer of the best hackers in the known universe all at the same time – could even mange to hack a vote count by ten thousand...even if he was kept away from Kryptonite and given a new red cape.

At the end of the day, it is Jill Stein either trying to get a bit more press in order to garner a higher rate for future speeches (Clinton route) or just secure her name in the history books (Clinton route), one thing is for sure; Trump secured the vote legally with the Electoral College, and he likely won the popular vote after illegal and dead votes are factored out. Sorry, Jill.