FBI Director James Comey has decided to ignore the customary DOJ (Department of Justice) practice of not conducting high-profile investigations close to an election. The rationale for this custom is that the DOJ does not want to be perceived as influencing the outcome of the election. Despite this custom, which makes sense, Comey has decided to move forward with the investigation into the emails anyway. Sources state that Comey was afraid that if he let the investigation go until after the election, that he will be accused of deliberately withholding substantive information that could have been useful to citizens as they decide on the candidates for whom they will vote.

Comey found himself in a "doomed if you do or don't" type situation, and decided to move forward with the re-investigation into emails between Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton.

Weiner at center of controversy

The re-investigation was sparked by the discovery of emails between Abedin and Clinton on Abedin's laptop computer while FBI officials were investigating former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's emails. Allegedly Weiner, who is Abedin's estranged husband, was sending graphic, lewd and inappropriate pictures of himself to young women via emails and text messages, one of whom was 15 years old at the time he sent the pictures. While investigating Weiner's email messages on the laptop, FBI officials uncovered emails between Abedin and Clinton.

It was at that point, that Comey sent a letter to key members of Congress, informing them of his intentions to move forward with the re-investigation of Clinton's emails. To date, there has been no evidence whatsoever that the newly dissevered emails contained any classified or inappropriate information.

Warrant issued

On Sunday, the FBI received the warrant that is necessary for conducting the investigation.

The warrant gives the agency permission to read and inspect the emails. The investigation will take time and more than likely will not be completed until after the November 8, 2016 presidential election.

Effect of investigation on the election

It is unknown at this point how much, if any, effect the revelation of the re-investigation will have on the outcome of the election; although, Clinton's lead in the national polls has evaporated.