Anthony Weiner sexted his wiener again, this time with his 4-year-old son in bed with him. Weiner captured his menage a trois in all its lurid splendor, in photo and sext message. His wifeHuma Abedin was working on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Huma Abedin says she's done standing by, probably not surprisingly. Are you quietly dying of mortification? Wait till you read the details on the ex-Congressman's sexting exchange with a Twitter girlfriend. Looks like there's going to be a lot more to talk about than whether Bella Thorne is bisexual or not!

A transcript from Weiner's mobile phone revealed face-peelingly embarrassing sexts (text messages with SMS and wording of a sexual nature) from 2015. It was evident that a seedy romance was budding between him and a lusty, busty brunette. In one conversation, ex-congressman Weiner raised hopes with suggestive foreplay. Then he enlarged on his ideas with images of his erection covered by boxer briefs. Then he mentioned that his son had just crawled in bed with him. And then (it boggles the mind) he sent the image of his enlarged member next to pajama-clad son. This hair-curling photo begs horrified questions.

A is for Awkwardly Anthony

Weiner made a meme of himself posting photos of his member in tighty-whiteys.

These have become his signature M.O. Weiner seems to love how white boxer briefs highlight his organ. But enough penis jokes. Sexting is bad enough. But the larger concern is that Wiener would photograph himself in apornographic situation with a child present. At the height of arousal, he said that his son just crawled into bed.

Now, many parents can relate to being caught in the act by their children. But this isn't Weiner in real-life sex with his wife and mother of the child Huma Abedin. It's cybersex the kiddie walked in on. But regardless, wouldn't you abort the intimacy if a child comes in? The unthinkable is that Anthony Weiner found this stimulating. And folks harassed Jill Duggar over her son's faulty car seat!