There is always something a bit unsettling and mysterious about occurrences and things that are not in our realm of comprehension. There is always that gray zone surrounding the world of the paranormal and planes of existence that may or may not exist. Every now and then, something weird rears its very strange head and makes us wonder.

Ruby was a family heirloom with an uncomfortable history.

The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult offers a one-of-a-kind experience for lovers of the occult and strange phenomena. Created in 2014 by Greg Newkirk and Dana Mathews, the museum transports weird objects of all kinds to haunted locations across America.

Since its inception, Ruby the doll has been a beloved part of its collection of strange and eerie artifacts.

Where did this strange doll come from?

Ruby came to the museum from a friend of curator, Dana Mathews, whose family had hidden her away in a dusty attic stuffed into a cardboard box with other items. She had been a treasured heirloom for more than a few generations but over the years the family became convinced that Ruby was a bit more than just a doll.

According to the family that owned the doll, it possessed some unsettling characteristics. For one thing, It seemed to be able to move around a room by itself and was also known to emit eerie, unearthly sounds. Oddly too, some family members believed that Ruby possessed the unique ability to make anyone in her immediate proximity fall suddenly ill with headaches; allergies; exhaustion, and most often, extreme nausea.

A very sad family connection to Ruby the haunted doll

Ruby has belonged to a little girl in the donor’s family who, according to legend, died while holding Ruby in her arms. The constant feeling that the spirit of their long-dead relative was still attached to her favorite doll plagued members of the family.The family called in a psychic medium to help the “spirit” pass on but this effort failed and after passing the doll from family house to house, they finally decided to give the doll to the museum.

At first, nothing happened and the doll sat quietly on a display shelf.

Ruby began to make her presence known at the museum

Shortly after her arrival, the curators began to notice that visitors to the museum would be drawn to hold the doll and rock her back and forth. While they never became ill, many found themselves overwhelmed with maternal feelings.

Ruby the doll is both sweet and creepy. Does she represent a phenomenon still somewhat unknown and misunderstood concerning planes of existence and consciousness? Or, is she merely the transmutation of her former owner, a little girl reaching out from beyond time and space to be touched and loved?Who knows?