There is no edifice more symbolic of American values and traditions than the White House. Built in 1800, the British burned it to the ground during the War of 1812 after which it was reconstructed lovingly, piece by piece. Its history is uniquely stamped as a residence for every US president sinceGeorge Washington. Several times over the course of the last two hundred years the White House underwent numerous renovations, but whatever was altered somehow remained somewhere deep within an unknown dimension of another time and space.

Why are there so many reports of ghosts seen in the White House?

Among one of the most haunted buildings in the United States, the White House has borne witness to many important historical events and been home to a myriad of significant historical figures. For many years, staff members, presidents, and their family members and official visitors off all sorts have reported strange sightings and eerie occurrences that could not be explained.

Some rooms appear to host more paranormal activity than others. Besides the second floor bedrooms, these include: the Attic, the Rose Garden; the Yellow Oval Room; the North Portico door; the East Room, and the Lincoln bedroom. Although the most frequently seen and felt presence is that of 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, the spirits of Abigail Adams, James Madison, president Andrew Jackson and Dolly Madison have also been recorded, just to name a few.

The Lincoln Bedroom

The spirit of Lincoln has been most felt in this room where he has often been seen sitting on the bed and tying his shoes. He also walks the halls and his presence has been noted by a number of reputable dignitaries down through the decades such as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and President Truman, who claimed that he heard Lincoln pacing the hallway and knocking on his bedroom door!

Other sightings of Lincoln

During the days of World War II, Winston Churchill had stayed in the Lincoln bedroom several times but refused to do so ever again after he saw the ghost of Lincoln standing by the fireplace. The English statesman had just come out of the bath and was naked. He claims to have said, “Mr. President, I see you have caught me at a disadvantage.” He further stated that Lincoln smiled wistfully and then disappeared into the ether of the air.

One of the creepiest ghost sightings is that of Ann Surratt, daughter of Mary, who was hanged in 1865 for her involvement in the conspiracy to murder Lincoln. The young woman pounds desperately on the massive White House doors begging for her mother’s freedom and sits weeping on the steps on the anniversary of the execution. The lack of space presents further descriptions of many more ghostly spirits that are said to roam the iconic White House.