Bill and Hillary Clinton, as in common with most on the left, trade on the notion of how friendly they are to ethnic minorities and, conversely, how sexist, racist, homophobic, and bigoted their Republican opponents allegedly are. But a new book by Dolly Kyle, a childhood friend of Bill Clinton’s who grew up to be one of his many mistresses, presents a far uglier portrait of the Clintons dating back from their days in Arkansas. It seems that both said things back in the 1970s and 1980s that would be career killing for any other public official.

For example, Bill Clinton is alleged to have referred to civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson as a “G—D----- N-----.“ Both Clintons are said to have used the same insult toward Robert “Say” McIntosh, a local Arkansas civil rights leader, and political gadfly McIntosh needled Clinton for stories about how he consorted with African American prostitutes while governor of Arkansas.

On another occasion, while Gov. and Ms. Clinton were hosting a group of physically disabled children for an Easter egg roll at the Governor’s Mansion, Hillary Clinton lost her patience and is said to have openly wondered "When are they going to get those f------ r------ out of here?"

Hillary Clinton also is alleged to have displayed more than a little anti-Semitism, using phrases such as “stupid k---“ and “f------ Jew b------“ to refer to Jewish people.

To be sure, the then-Arkansas first lady and the current presidential candidate was an equal opportunity hater, regarding the white inhabitants of the state her husband served as governor of as nothing more than inbred hillbillies.

Kyle’s book also covers other scandals concerning the Clintons, from the familiar such as Whitewater to the obscure, including a money-making scheme to sell blood donated by state prisoners which in some cases turned out to be tainted.

The book also suggests that Bill Clinton instituted racial profiling for criminals while governor of Arkansas and that his three strikes policy as president fell heaviest on African American and Hispanic convicts.

To be sure, Clinton supporters will maintain that Kyle is just another disgruntled former mistress (though they would never acknowledge that is true) of Clinton’s with an ax to grind.

Her account of long ago racism and other displays of bigotry meshes with other descriptions of Ms. Clinton’s often explosive temper.

One only wonders what would have happened if similar stories had arisen about – say – Donald Trump. But the Clintons have always been judged by different standards by their supporters.