Dynamic Duo

There's something to be said about modern Hip/Hop, a good portion of it is oversaturated with E.D.M.-infused beats and lyrics that are not only soft, but uninspired. When it comes to the duo of 3Bubble and J. Gray, their brand of Hip/Hop is straight from a vintage strain. Jazz elements, bass, drums, and beautiful piano form the foundation upon which the duo lay down their lyrics -- poetry in motion and legitimate flow.

There's a vintage late 80's/early 90's vibe on their latest record "Live From The Pentagon." Beautiful melodies and background instruments juxtapose with hard-hitting drums to bring their beats to life -- a breath of fresh air for anyone that considers themselves a fan of vintage Hip/Hop.

3Bubble and J. Gray channel everything from Dr. Dre and Snoop to Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest. There are also throwback hooks and vocals sung in their choruses that harken back to the likes of Nate Dogg and Faith Evans.

In a lot of ways, it's a disservice to look at any one of the tracks on this album individually, due to the fact that the entire album is a full immersion experience that's best enjoyed as one single entity. As MC's, 3Bubble and J. Gray each have their own, unique, individual style -- either one of them could easily succeed as a solo artist. But, when the two join forces and put forth their two-pronged lyrical attack, it really adds another dimension to the overall musicality and listening experience that you can't always get from a single artist.

Whether as a byproduct or intentionally done, the way that these two artist's trade off on the microphone, it's reminiscent of classic rap battles, with each artist showcasing their lyrical prowess. That said, instead of trying to outdo each other or get a leg up, both artists bring the best out of each other, working in tandem to elevate what would be considered a good track into something great.

Overall, "Live From The Pentagon" is a triumph all its own. It manages to capture the vintage Hip/Hop sound while also coming across as a breath of fresh air rather than a carbon copy. There is depth all across the board, from musicality and the beats themselves to the depth of lyrical content and delivery. Well worth the listen.