In the course of an interaction with a section of the media, the Duchess of Sussex talked about her commitment to eradicating gender-based violence in South africa. It is her passion and she is determined to work towards the advancement of gender equity around the world. While in Africa, she had opportunities to obtain first-hand information from women in various walks of life. She believes society should ensure women are given due recognition and are not neglected. In her opinion, the empowerment of women translates into a community that flourishes.

Harpers Bazar mentions the visit by Meghan Markle to a charity, which promotes women's rights and an end to poverty.

Its name is ActionAid. The statistics of atrocities on women paint a shocking picture. These involve gender-based violence and the number of women and children murdered in Africa is mind-boggling. Similarly, the same goes for women who are victims of lust. The Duchess praised the work already done by those who are engaged in championing the rights of women and girls and added more needs to be done.

She was the ambassador

On arrival in Cape Town, Meghan Markle spoke like a true ambassador.

Introducing herself to the gathering, she said she was there not just as a member of the royal family but also as one of them. “I am here with you and I am here for you," is how she promoted herself. She made a mention of her color and even talked about her presence within the British royal family. During her brief meeting with the press, she said, "The Commonwealth is a very diverse place with 53 countries.” She went on to add about the royal family and the privilege of being on the associated platform to handle responsibilities.

Harpers Bazar also talks about the roundtable on higher education at the University of Johannesburg where Meghan Markle was present.

Her talks had inspired and motivated those who attended. They agree about the power she wields. In fact, the CEO of an HIV charity admits that Meghan’s energy is contagious and she can motivate others.

Meghan and Harry delinked from The Royal Foundation

According to Fox News, the charity of The Royal Foundation is now reconstituted and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no longer associated with it. The ‘principals’ are Kate Middleton and Prince William. They have identified some areas that the charity will focus on. These include issues like mental health. William and Harry created the foundation in 2009, Kate Middleton joined after her marriage to William in 2011, followed by Meghan Markle in 2018 after she wed Harry.

Incidentally, the personal charity projects of the younger royal couple do not find a place on the website and their earlier works are now in the “news” section of the website. This split is not a new development. Its announcement came in May when the couples decided to go their ways. It was treated as a "natural progression" rather than a breakup. After the announcement of the split, the palace released a statement. It said the couples would continue to work together on some projects in the future. One of these would be the mental health program, Heads Together.

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