Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are back from their tour to Africa and have plans to shelve their royal duties for a while and do something different during the year-end. One of these appears to be to shuttling between America, which is Meghan’s homeland, and Britain, which is Harry’s. Meghan was an American actor before she married Harry who was a fighter pilot. Their marriage received unprecedented media attention that went global. She is now a mother and her son Archie is five months old. He accompanied Harry and Meghan on the African tour. There were rumors that the royal couple could relocate to Africa but Harry, during an interaction with a section of the media, touched on the subject and said the idea was "amazing" but unlikely.

CNN quotes Harry as saying - "I don't know where we could live in Africa at the moment." He confided to a reporter that he and Meghan visited Cape Town, and it would be an amazing place to have a base there. However, it would not suit the plans they have in mind. Right now, they want to stay away from the public eye from around mid-November. They will wait to complete the engagements and commitments they have on hand before they take the break.

Attention of the media is a disturbance

Meghan Markle has received a lot of media attention from her acting days but what is coming her way now, as a member of the British royal family, is a sort of disturbance.

The media appears to be hounding her and judging and dissecting each of her moves. They have been after her from the tine she started dating Prince Harry and it is continuing. She finds herself isolated and says the pressure created has affected her both mentally and physically.

CNN goes on to add about the invasion of privacy by the media.

Meghan has decided to sue a British newspaper that published snippets of a private letter she had sent to her father. Harry is also annoyed at the intrusion of the media into their lives. He plans to sue two tabloids who had apparently hacked into his phone. He is wary of the media. As he says "every camera flash takes him 'straight back' to the death of his mother, Princess Diana." She died in 1997 when her car crashed as a paparazzo was chasing it on a motorbike.

Media scrutiny must be fair

According to Fox News, while talking about media scrutiny, Meghan Markle says it should be fair. She knows fans will ignore the unfair ones and focus on the positives like the love she and Prince Harry have for each other. A new documentary "Harry & Meghan: An African Journey" by ITV’s Tom Bradby will provide the audiences with glimpses of the royal couple’s recent tour of southern Africa. Bradby is a British journalist and was curious. He wanted to know from the Duchess of Sussex how she copes with the lack of privacy and ruthless tabloid rumors, especially as a new parent. Her reply was - she takes "each day as it comes."

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