The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their son Archie could be in South Africa by the end of the year. Sources have dropped hints that officials there are making necessary preparations for the visit. Southern Africa is not new to the Royal couple because they had been there before their marriage. In fact, it was in Botswana that their romance blossomed. At that time, Harry was a fighter pilot and Meghan was an actor in the legal drama “Suits.” Later, the fairytale romance engineered by a common friend ended with their wedding. Now, they are parents.

Daily Mail UK reports Prince Harry is at present in Italy.

It was his second foreign trip since his son Archie was born. It seems Meghan Markle and Archie will join him during their visit to South Africa. Their itinerary will also cover some other countries on the continent. Observers feel this could end up as a long duration stay in Africa, possibly next year. It could stretch to several months.

Harry has a weakness for Africa

When talking about Africa, Prince Harry says it is where he feels comfortable with life. In the initial days after meeting Meghan Markle, he took her to Botswana.

There the two of them spent some quality time and tried to become one with nature. In fact, he described the meeting with Meghan as one when he felt the “stars were aligned.”

Daily Mail UK adds that Harry designed the engagement ring for Meghan and the African link surfaced again because at the center of the ring was a diamond from Botswana.

Moreover, some relatives of Harry live in Cape Town in neighboring South Africa. Of course, there is no official information about the Royal couple’s visit to South Africa. Meghan has not appeared in public after becoming a mother.

Harry is involved with charities in Africa

According to Express UK, Harry’s links with Africa goes back to the sudden death of his mother Princess Diana.

Harry’s father Prince Charles took him and his brother Prince William to Africa during the grieving period. Later, Prince Harry introduced Meghan to Botswana. The occasion was their second date just four weeks after they met and the country went on to occupy a special place in their hearts. The Duke of Sussex is involved in a number of charities in the region. One of these is Elephants Without Borders. Its aim is to prevent poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks. Incidentally, in 2017, he brought Meghan along to celebrate her 36th birthday. A photograph snapped on the occasion shows the two of them attaching a tracker to one of the elephants. It reveals another side of the royal couple because poaching of the elephants for the sake of their tusks is a crime in Africa.

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