Long Island Arts Council at Freeport (LIAC) is proud to presentLaugh Tracks Comedy Night” on May 16, 2019. Intended as a fundraiser, the show, (edited) is hosted by Bob Spiotto and will feature five incredible comedians: Tom Cotter, Kerri Louise, Richie Byrne, Sheba Mason, and Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian. The show will begin at 8 PM at Bellmore Movies/The Showplace.

Producer and host Bob Spiotto discussed the impending event and his role in it via an exclusive interview on May 06, 2019.

Fundraising, comics, and the arts

Meagan Meehan (MM): What inspired “Laugh Tracks” and how did you find the venue?

Bob Spiotto (BS): The LIAC was seeking to produce a fundraiser unlike any they had done before, and so when asked, I suggested a comedy show. I pitched this title, as well as a few others to my colleagues at the LIAC, and this was the winner! Seemed fun, catchy, and very appropriate as the theater is steps away from the LIRR Bellmore station.

MM: The evening is a fundraiser, so how important do you think it is for people to give to the arts?

BS: VERY important. No arts organization, even if they are receiving limited government funds, can survive and grow without additional and ongoing support from the people and the communities they serve. Support the Arts! And this event is really a FUN-d-raiser.

MM: How did you select these five comedians and how do their comic styles differ from one another?

BS: These are all comical colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure and honor of working with previously. I wanted to offer a variety of comics and comedic styles. They are all VERY talented and VERY funny!

MM: What are you most looking forward to about playing the role of the host?

BS: I am looking forward to bringing some great comedy to the stage and helping to increase awareness regarding the Long Island Arts Council at Freeport, as well as raising needed funds. Additionally, this will be the first time that several of these comics will be working together.

MM: What do you think the comics are most looking forward to and how would they describe their unique style of performance?

BS: I’m not sure…let’s ask them!

Comedian's style, performances, and commentary

Tom Cotter: My style of comedy is a series of rapid-fire one-liners and an overall cry for help! I’m most looking forward to a night out with my very funny bride while raising money for an extremely worthy cause.

Richie Byrne: I would describe my style as high energy and relatable. I am looking forward to seeing the other comedians.

Kerri Louise: To answer your question: My style of comedy is storytelling, observational, and character-driven comedy. What I’m most looking forward to this gig is working with my husband Tom Cotter! Date Night!

Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian: I am looking forward to performing for and supporting this great cause!

I consider myself a storyteller with a focus on observational humor.

Sheba Mason: My style is like an early 21st-century Jewish girl who kind of looks like a hooker. I’m looking most forward to helping others, as it will be a fun change for me.