It can be quite annoying to have oily skin. What’s worse, is that the habits that we might employ to prevent that shiny, greasy look, such as washing frequently, etc. does nothing else but exacerbate the problem.

No matter how much makeup you put on, your face looks shiny and your brows either look like an unnatural block of pigment or they look like they are melting off! Yikes! It's not a good look. Don't worry, Kat the Beauty Guru is here to help.

Here are some useful tips on how to take control of the situation.

Cleansing your skin

Oily skin is prone to acne breakouts.

Therefore, daily cleansing is a very important part of your skin care regimen. Oil control cleansers, such as those with activated charcoal and salicylic acid, can be used to clear your pores and ensure that there is no debris that can clog your skin and lead to blackheads and other infections.

According to Anneke la Grange in her book, "How to Apply Makeup Professionally", you might have to exfoliate twice a week to remove buildup over the epidermis. For your weekly facials, use clay-based masks that absorb the excess oil.

Toning your skin

When choosing a toner, avoid those with alcohol, which tends to dry out the skin too much. This then continues the cycle of the overproduction of sebum.

Moisturizing your skin

Since oily skin has a natural barrier against moisture loss, it is not really necessary to use much moisturizer. However, you might notice that your skin dries out tremendously during the winter months. Thus, finding the right moisturizer to heal that dryness is necessary.

Remember to apply sunscreen when you go out.

Avoid sunscreen-moisturizer combos and look for lightweight sunscreen-only products.

Another hot tip – keep your face towels and makeup brushes clean to avoid adding extra dirt and grime to your face. Pay extra attention to personal cleanliness.

The good news is that you can win the battle against oily skin. It can be seen as both a blessing and a curse; however, with the right attitude and approach, you’ll be able to have your oily skin under control in no time.

If acne has been an issue for you, fight back by getting to the root cause of the problem. Lack of cleanliness, clogged pores, poor diet, not drinking enough water and even hormones play a role in the condition of your skin. With that said, it's up to you to do everything you can to give your skin the right conditions to thrive.

Thank you for reading, and please share with someone you know who is dealing with oily skin.