It’s no secret that the way you look plays a very important role in your self-esteem. Having great skin is one of the key ingredients for looking and feeling your best. When you know that you look good, you’re more confident and feel better prepared to take on your day. What you do on a daily basis should come naturally to you as a habit.

Skin that appears dull, dry, discolored and blemished is considered to be unattractive and sadly, it can snowball into other problems. It takes a very deliberate and personal conviction to make the decision to commit to a daily routine, without fail, and without excuses.

Keep your skin clean

It’s important to wash your face every day, but be careful to avoid over-washing. Use an appropriate facial cleanser to wash your face twice a day. Daily cleansing removes dirt and impurities that can clog your pores. The result – acne and other skin conditions are kept at bay.

A word of caution: desist from using regular soap as a substitute for a proper facial cleanser. Your skin will suffer from serious dryness due to the high amounts of alkaline in them.

Don’t forget to use a toner on your skin

The second step is toning. The benefits of toning include; enhanced cell renewal, refined skin texture, and balanced pH levels. DO NOT wash off the toner after application. You need to leave it on.

When applying toner, use a cotton pad or ball to gently glide and sweep over your face. This removes any remaining debris that your cleanser did not remove.

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays

Using sunscreen is another vital step in your routine. Over time, the sun’s rays can cause quite a lot damage to your skin. The best solution is to choose a sunscreen that’s right for your skin type and remember to also wear protective clothing.

Keep your skin moisturized

No matter your skin type, even if it’s oily, your skin is sure to benefit from a moisturizer that is best suited for you. Moisturizing not only helps you to stay hydrated, but it also creates the perfect base for your foundation. But don’t just slather on product – drink lots of water each day to help stay moist and hydrated from within.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my guide for your daily skincare routine. It is meant to be practical and straightforward, which can be maintained on any budget. Now that you know the basics, take a look at my guide for weekly skin care so that you’ll be able to manage your new and improved skin!