Twenty-four-year-old Jessie Sims was born in the United Kingdom but now resides in the United States of America after moving to the state of Maine at twelve years of age. Now a dual citizen of both the USA and the UK, Jessie is a talented model who has gained acclaim on social media, especially through her Instagram page and YouTube channel where she models swimwear, lingerie and discusses fitness, pranks, clothing reviews, and occasionally shares stories with her fans.

Jessie was a competitive gymnast when she was younger, but she has recently started putting the focus more on her budding acting career.

She has since gone on to work for top-name brands such as Hasbro, Puma, Panera Bread, Eddie Bauer and many more.

Jessie is also a very giving person who frequently volunteers for good causes that give back to the community. Specifically, she has given out care packages at homeless shelters and also donates to animal shelters to help raise awareness about the importance of animal adoption.

Jessie recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed all these wonderful endeavors and more.

Acting, fashion, and brands

Meagan Meehan (MM): You moved to America from the UK when you were twelve, so how big of an adjustment was that to make? Also, what was it like to move from Maine to California?

Jessie Sims (JS): I imagine that moving anywhere as a pre-teen is a difficult situation. It was especially hard moving halfway around the world, not knowing anyone. Being the new kid is a challenge for anyone but being the new kid and being different just added to my pre-teen angst. My first year of school in the US made me feel like a show pony.

Everyone wanted to hear my accent, and I just wanted to fit in. It took a few years for me to assimilate into American culture.

Moving from Maine to California was also a huge culture shock. Coming from a small town in southern Maine where the population was just over 1 million to densely populated Los Angeles was incredibly stressful.

Whenever anyone asks me how I like LA, I always say that it's the epitome of bitter sweet. It's filled with opportunity and challenges but being here too long tends to make people callous. I've been living in LA for almost three years now, and I couldn't imagine moving back to the east coast.

MM: How did you get into gymnastics and how did that lead to your interests in acting and modeling?

JS: I always had an interest in gymnastics, but when I was living in the UK there was not training centers anywhere close to where I was living. However, I was a competitive dancer in the UK, so I guess that filled the void. Finally, after moving to Maine, there was a gym about 15 minutes away from where I was living, so my parents caved and let me join.

The acting was always something I wanted to do. I was in all the school plays before starting gymnastics, and I always loved performing. Modeling was something I did after my friend bought a camera and needed models to practice on. I was not particularly confident in my modeling abilities and never really expected to turn it into a career.

MM: How have you gone about breaking into acting and what sorts of roles and genres do you enjoy taking on?

JS: When I first moved to LA, I was taking scene study classes and improv classes about 40 hours a week for about a year. I really enjoy taking on roles that are very different from who I am. It's a challenge, and it's also really fun to be able to let your creativity take over and become the character.

MM: You are really well-known for your YouTube and Instagram postings, so how would you describe your content and how do you get the ideas for pranks, story times, and more?

JS: I would describe my content as embracing my inner child. I love just being myself and being real. I really focus on trying to convey that in my content while still trying to keep things exciting. As for the process of creating content I have days where I just sit down and brainstorm ideas. Sometimes I'll be about to fall asleep, driving or taking a shower and I just get some random ideas for videos.

MM: You are known for doing lots of fashion hauls and reviews, so how would you describe your personal style and how do you go about selecting products to review?

JS: I think that my personal style doesn't really have a genre. It's really all over the place. I like what I like, and I don't really let what's "trendy" influence what I wear or promote. If I don't like a brand or find that it is fitting for me, I won't work with them.

MM: You have ended up working with some really huge brands--what kind of work did you do for Panera Bread, Puma, and Hasbro?

JS: While working in Boston I was doing a lot of commercial print work which I really enjoyed. Hasbro was actually my first modeling gig. I signed with my agency, and the same day they sent me out for a Hasbro casting which I ended up booking. I don't think the product was ever released but we were doing a photo shoot for the packaging and other marketing materials.

I worked with Puma numerous times doing shoots for their website. I worked with Panera Bread right before moving to LA. It was for their Panera at home campaign. Unfortunately, I didn't get a live time of free Panera, but a girl can dream, right?

Charity work, outfits, and dreams

MM: What is it about swimwear and underwear per se that makes them fun for you to model and what other kinds of outfits do you like trying on?

JS: Growing up I have always been very insecure and lacked self-confidence. Modeling has really helped me to change that. I believe that doing things that are outside of my comfort zone really help with self-growth. I think that modeling has helped me to mature and become comfortable with myself.

It's not that modeling swimwear/underwear is fun for me I just feel that it is empowering. I'm not exactly great at "acting sexy" nor do I want to be. I love being a fun-loving goofball because that's what comes naturally to me.

MM: You also do a lot of charitable work, but what is it about the plight of animals and the homeless that interests you in particular?

JS: I love animals. I've always had pets growing up. I want to help in the community as much as I can. Whether that's raising awareness or making donations. I always want to pay it forward. I really enjoy volunteering at the homeless shelters because it really is a huge reality check. It puts things into perspective. I think that often we forget how minuscule our problems actually are.

I want to help as many people and animals as I can. It gives me a sense of purpose. I know that I can't always give back due to my own financial standing, but volunteering is free. I want to influence others to do the same. You either have time or money, if you're lucky you have both.

MM: How do you intend to expand and evolve your social media content in 2019?

JS: I plan just to keep busy creating content throughout the year.

MM: What are your biggest dreams regarding your modeling and acting career and what is coming up in 2019 that you would like to discuss?

JS: I'm very excited for what's to come in 2019. I am planning on getting more involved in traditional acting and modeling this year rather than having my main focus on social media.

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