Every successful artist, leader, and entrepreneur who went on to make millions started somewhere...many times, these people began with surprisingly little support or means. Katrina Ruth, an Australian born entrepreneur mentor, understands the importance of guidance and support as one is starting up a business. To that end, she had started her own successful business based on providing help and advice to others...and made herself a multi-millionaire in the process.

Katrina is regarded as a guru of entrepreneurship who has launched hundreds of programs and projects.

She is the Author of more than fifty eBooks and regards her success, in part, to the fact that she ignores many of the traditional “rules” of internet marketing. Formerly a personal trainer, Katrina believes anyone can be successful if they work hard enough to achieve their goals.

Her brand “The Katrina Ruth Show” helps promote her coaching philosophy: you need to be honest with yourself about what you want and make decisions on how to get it. Katrina recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed her philosophy, empire, and more.

Personal training books, and promoting

Meagan Meehan (MM): You started your career as a personal trainer, so what appealed to you about that profession?

Katrina Ruth (KR): At the time, I was practically living at the gym working off all the Italian gelato from a European getaway when someone suggested I just get a job at the gym. I was a bit lost and not sure what I wanted in a career so, I took their advice, and the rest is history! Being fit, healthy and disciplined has always been important to me, and I think that's helped me stay really focused on what I want and in what I want to achieve even after I left that industry.

MM: How did you become an entrepreneur and what was your first business or brand?

KR: I've been an entrepreneur practically since I could walk! I started going door-to-door selling handmade cards and my grandparent's lemons/orange from the age of four, and I haven't stopped hustling ever since!

MM: How did you start getting interested in promoting other people and products?

KR: I'm always open to the people and products who inspire me and who I recommend. It's all part of sharing the process and showing what goes on behind the scenes. I outsource whenever possible and believe this is really important if you want to break through to the next level. I am always open about what companies/products help make my life easier and help me concentrate on just being the creator that I am!

MM: What kinds of companies and individuals do you seek to promote?

KR: I only promote companies and brands that I 100% believe in and that naturally aligned with me. If I do feature someone on my business page then more often than not it's one of my high level 1:1 clients or, someone that I've naturally/organically decided to collaborate with.

If I believe in something or someone - I'll speak my mind - simple as that.

MM: You have mentioned helping artists as well as entrepreneurs, is that a different process?

KR: When I talk about artists - I'm talking about creators (whether that be creators in business or creators in graphic design/the arts). Whatever the business, whatever the industry it all comes down to not hiding your true self, not holding back on who you are, following through and always acting in alignment rather than following anyone's rulebooks.

MM: You have published over fifty books, so what are they about and have you any favorites?

KR: I've always written about what I know - so in the early days I wrote about Health and Fitness, nowadays my books are mostly about Mindset, Success, and Business Strategies.

Publishing my first Book was such an exciting and scary thing for me because it was about a subject that was super personal and very close to my heart (and about something I struggled with for so many years and ultimately conquered). I called it “The Secret Life of a Binge Eater” and it remains one of my best sellers to this day.

Career, experiences, and the future

MM: What cool experiences has your career provided you?

KR: So many things. Off the top of my head (and a lot of these occurred only in the last year or two!) - Meeting Gary Vee and James Altucher, walking in to Mercedes Benz and buying my dream car, calling in and manifesting my dream sub-penthouse home on the Gold Coast, being able to travel the world with my two young kids, seeing my clients make their first millions and then hitting eight figures myself!

Plus, inspiring millions of women to simply bet on themselves and make a HUGE difference in the world. It's an incredible life where anything is possible!

MM: How do you motivate and empower others while giving speeches and seminars?

KR: I go with the flow and try to keep things casual - speaking about what I feel called to and what the people in the room might need to hear at the time. My core message is to be your unapologetic self, and I believe that's what people see, and that's what inspires people when they do see me speak.

MM: Are presently planning anything exciting and would you like to discuss anything further?

KR: I am about to launch my own T-shirts and journals which will be sold via Instagram and, I'm about to launch a new business called “My Body Blends” with my good friend Chris which will provide AH-MA-ZING clean supplements, super food blends, chocolate and so much more.

That's just to name two things since I always have about two-hundred ideas in the works! I'm really excited about what's coming up for me and my business in the next year and in the future beyond that!