Aria Sirvaitis is an American actress and model that has been fortunate to travel the world working on various projects such as the television hit “Rosewood” and comedy titled “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” Aria is now excited to discuss her latest film called “Clyde Cooper” which is a mystery-thriller about a detective searching for a missing girl via an exclusive interview.

Characters, stories, and inspirations

Meagan Meehan (MM): So, Aria, what first inspired you to become an actress and how did you successfully break into entertainment?

Aria Sirvaitis (AS): It’s very hard for me to pinpoint the exact reason I wanted to become an actress since it’s a variety of things.

I see so much beauty and passion in the art of acting. Being able to captivate an audience and deliver some sort of message through cinema is so powerful. I admire the art of storytelling, and I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love. Over time I definitely grew more and more as an actress, and I believe being on certain projects, such as, “Rosewood” and being a part of “Clyde Cooper” certainly helped. So, yes, being on a show like Rosewood was beneficial, and I have gotten some offers since then.

MM: How did the “Clyde Cooper” gig come to you and can you tell us about your character, Nina?

AS: It was just a simple audition in front of the casting department and the director, Peter Daskaloff, for Alexa and about a week later I found out I booked the role of Nina!

Without giving too much away, what I can tell you about Nina is that she is a girl who loves the company and always having someone by her side. Gaya, played by Isabella Racco, is her best friend and their dynamic fits perfectly with their personalities. Nina does come off as naive at certain times, but overall, she is determined and resourceful.

MM: Do you think “Clyde Cooper” is a universal story?

AS: It is universal in the sense that a private detective is hired to find a missing girl, but the more he knows, the farther away it seems he is from the truth.

Drama, thrillers, and the entertainment industry

MM: Does it go without saying that you love a seriously complex drama and thriller?

AS: Oh, I am a sucker for drama! Some of my favorite Movies are action packed with intense scenes. In the future, I would love to work more on thrillers and dramas.

MM: What have you liked most about being an actress and where do you hope to be in the entertainment industry in ten years’ time?

AS: I love having the ability to become different people in various fictitious situations. In the acting world, I’ve been in incredibly fun projects where I get to be someone else, and I have so much creative freedom from that. I really enjoyed being Alice in “Beyond Wonderland.” In ten years, I see myself being a part of big budget projects where I have access to incredible scripts and work alongside very experienced and talented actors.

Anyone who has a desire to enter this industry needs to know that it is all a patience game. Acting is a marathon, not a race. For some, success happens faster than others, but that is no reason to self-doubt.