Christine Horn is an actress, singer, and life coach who has been a presence in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. Christine founded the Booking Magnet Academy, which is a top-rated virtual training academy for actors who are seeking roles in both television and film. Christine also founded the movement titled Hollywood Bound Actors; another online community that teaches actors how to market themselves. Moreover, Christine is the creator of an online show titled “Actor's Daily Bread” where she informs actors how to secure roles by pulling back the curtain on her own career.

Christine is now known for her film and TV appearances, but she started her acting career in the theater. She performed in Disney's smash hit “The Lion King” on Broadway, in Las Vegas and via national touring companies for more than five years. In 2008 she even performed at The White House for President George W. Bush.

Christine eventually embraced the mediums of television and Movies where she landed roles in “Timeless,” “NCIS,” “The Originals,” “Reckless” and many other projects. She was a recurring guest on a limited series titled “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” which won an Emmy.

Christine is now looking forward to the premieres of her roles on Amazon’s “Bosch,” ABC’s “The Good Doctor” and Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House.” Yet the role she is most proud of is playing hero Harriet Tubman in NBC’s “Timeless.” To date, that role has been one of her most memorable and proudest.

Christine recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed these projects and more.

Acting, shows, and life coaching

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your talent for acting and how did you break into the theater industry—going so far as to appear in Broadway productions?

Christine Horn (CH): Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that I wanted to be a performer.

I would tell my mother that I wanted to be a singer, actor and a dancer when I grew up. I had a lot of energy as a kid, so my mother, Valerie, enrolled me in dance classes while I grew up in Bronx, New York. I studied tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance. My mother also took me see many On/Off Broadway shows. She would tell you that my favorite part of any play was apparently the narrator.

I think it still is honestly. When we relocated to Atlanta, GA, I attended Tri-Cities High School which had a magnificent magnet program. My days were filled with theatre, dance and singing! One of the drama teachers took a special interest in my talent, and scouted me for his youth theatre company. The Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta is where I honed my skills amongst some of the most amazing talent in the world. As a professional teen actress, it prepared me to go out into the real acting world. I continued performing in regional theatre until I got my BIG break in 2006 when I was asked to join the national touring company of Disney’s “The Lion King.”

MM: What was it like to perform in “The Lion King” and what was your role and costuming like?

CH: Performing and traveling with the “The Lion King” was a dream come true. I was first hired as an ensemble performer who also understudied other roles. Cast members spend most time backstage changing costumes and makeup. When I first booked the show, I was flown to New York City and spent the day with a costume designer traveling to various costume shops around Manhattan. It was magical. As a new cast member who planned to be around for a while, all of my costumes were custom made to fit me. I played Nala, Sarabi, and all types of ensemble roles.

MM: You performed at the White House, so what was that experience like?

CH: I had the honor of performing at the White House for President George W.

Bush in 2008. It was again thanks to “The Lion King” that I was offered that opportunity. Our producers hand-selected cast members to represent the show at a private dinner. It was so exciting to walk through the halls of the West Wing and feel the energy flowing throwing the building. I took pictures with the President in front of the Oval office. It was pretty cool!

MM: What made you decide to move into television and film and how do the two mediums differ?

CH: I have always wanted to perform on the big and small screens. The theatre is an amazing training ground that I highly encourage any aspiring actor to begin with.

When the Las Vegas Company of “The Lion King” closed its doors at Mandalay Bay Casino, I drove to Los Angeles that night.

I spent a few years in Hollywood taking classes, doing independent films and web series then moved back to Atlanta in hopes of landing my first television gig. The theatre is so different than film and television in that you have to bring the same intentions but with a much smaller playing field. Switching mediums was challenging for me because you have to tap into different techniques to tell your story. The core of acting is the same certainly, but there is a skill to “working the camera.” I teach those techniques to the actors that I mentor in my Booking Magnet Academy. I had to find a way to give back to actors and teach them what took me a while to master.

MM: What sorts of roles and what genre of projects do you most gravitate towards?

CH: I gravitate toward roles that challenge me. I have my “go to” roles that feel like a no-brainer on the surface (therapist, doctor, FBI agent, etc.), but I get such a thrill when a character lands in my lap that is layered and has an interesting story to tell. I love projects that force me to go deep within. That can honestly happen in comedy or drama. It just depends on the role and how deep I decide to go with it.

MM: You have landed gigs on some top-rate shows, so how did these opportunities come about?

CH: The short answer is...I’VE PAID MY DUES. LOL! Seriously I’ve been acting for over 20 years, and I’ve created some wonderful relationships with industry professionals that are built on trust.

I’ve built a fan base and agent, managers, casting directors, writers and producers have come to trust that I will bring my unique skill set to their projects. I have an amazing team that works extremely hard to make sure I get seen. In addition, I market myself constantly, so the industry knows that I exist.

MM: You played the role of Harriet Tubman, so how much research did you do into her life in order to prepare for that role?

CH: I was honored to be cast as the iconic Harriet Tubman on “Timeless.” I spent weeks reading books and articles trying to understand her. I even studied performances from other actresses. My goal was not to copy or emulate them, but I was curious to see if I could show a different side to Harriet Tubman; find a way to put my spin on her story.

I feel like I did. My goal was to showcase her fearless side but to make sure the audience felt her heart and her turmoil. This episode of Timeless aired and is still available on Hulu. It is Season 2, episode 9 “The General.”

MM: You are also a life coach, so how did you get into that?

CH: In 2011 I began experiencing some issues with my health. As I sought out various remedies, I developed a genuine interest in health and wellness. I enrolled in school to become a Health Coach. While doing that work, I recognized that I was really great at goal-setting and helping to motivate others. That’s how I became a life coach. Now, I specifically work with actors as a Life + Career Coach.

MM: Can you tell us a bit about the organizations you founded called the Booking Magnet Academy and Hollywood Bound Actors?

Essentially, how do they differ from each other and how do they benefit actors?

CH: I wanted to find a way to build a supportive community for actors. So, in March 2017 I created a Facebook group called “Hollywood Bound Actors” where I teach various techniques for booking more film and television roles. Some members have no real intention of ever becoming a full-time actor, while others are working hard to make sure they can quit their 9-5 and make it a reality. It is a beautiful mix!

Naturally, as a mentor to thousands of actors, many wanted to find a way to work deeper with me. I created the Booking Magnet Academy in 2018. It is the #1 virtual training center for actors who want to book starring roles in film and television on a consistent basis.

This low-cost, group monthly membership program gives actors a chance to see exclusive behind the scenes on my personal techniques to booking more work, mastering your mindset and marketing and also gives killer audition/acting tips. I wanted to find a solution for the actor whose budget may not be able to afford my premium 1:1 coaching services or take a class in their city.

YouTube, projects, and goals

MM: How did you get the idea for the YouTube channel web-series “Actor’s Daily Bread” and how much goes into producing it?

CH: #ActorsDailyBread came about when I began doing daily livestreams on Facebook. My husband, Garland came up with the name. One morning I told him I wanted to find a way to connect with my audience and teach them the realities of what it means to be a working actor.

So many actors keep these secrets to themselves. I wanted to help aspiring actors.

MM: What projects are coming up next for you and what most excites you about them?

CH: I just appeared in episode 3 of the Netflix horror series “The Haunting of Hill House” which was fun because I can barely get through scary movies. I will be a guest star on episode 8 of Season 2 of “The Good Doctor.” That role was very demanding and required a lot of prosthetics which was cool. I am also recurring on Season 5 of “Bosch” on Amazon playing a very emotionally demanding role.

MM: What are your major goals for the future and do you want to mention anything more?

CH: I am in the process of completing my next book for actors: “The Actor’s Guide to Becoming a Booking Magnet.” I plan on releasing that in 2019. I am also gearing up for my next event Hollywood Bound Actors LIVE.