CNBC reports are that Philip Morris International is trying a new trend in smokeless tobacco by introducing two new iQOS smokeless tobacco devices. To launch their new products, the tobacco company has launched a “Mission Impossible” style ad, which many are saying is totally hypocritical and bordering on the hilarious.

The UK press is also reporting on the story, with Agency Spy saying the tobacco company had a yacht moored at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival. Basically, the story of their new ad campaign is about vaping, that controversial alternative to cigarette smoking.

Vaping promotion at Cannes Lions Festival

The company is known to be the largest tobacco company in the world, but they are trying to switch over from cigarettes to the allegedly safer vaping method of smoking. Philip Morris hosted an event at the Cannes Lions Festival to promote just that. Their promotion is said to have been launched to help young people avoid smoking cigarettes and those long-time smokers to switch over to vaping instead.

Some say it is rather hilarious that Philip Morris has released an advert titled “Hold My Light.” They chose to use a “Mission Impossible” scenario to try and sell their vaping products.

Agency Spy quotes an article in the British newspaper The Independent, saying the tobacco company had even offered “cigarette alternatives” to staff working for the UK’s National Health Service to help them give up the dreaded cigarette.

The report quotes an Action on Smoking and Health spokesperson as dubbing the new “Mission Impossible” advert as “PR puff” saying the whole idea is hypocritical. The Independent says the new UK ad has been dubbed “staggering hypocrisy” by UK cancer charities. That report mentions that Philip Morris is no longer able to promote Marlboro cigarettes in the UK due to Britain’s tobacco advertising ban.

In other words, if you can’t advertise the deadly cigarettes, you can switch to selling Brits vaping alternatives instead.

Philip Morris promotes smokeless tobacco devices

The tobacco company has just unveiled two new versions of its iQOS smokeless tobacco device to their markets all over the world. Instead of burning tobacco, the device heats it up while users vape in the results.

Philip Morris is not alone in their efforts. Many tobacco companies are switching to vaping devices as their cigarette sales go up in smoke (pun intended). They claim the new products are safer for smokers than the usual cigarette as they warm the tobacco enough to release the nicotine, but do not release toxins.

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